and the core values that propel us forward

OUR MISSION is to simplify your skin care experience with quality products that give you the results and value you deserve. Our back-to-basics approach helps to control a sense of rapid consumerism so that our customer is less impulsive and more reliant on quality and multi-functional products. We are an esthetician owned and formulated brand rooted in Ayurvedic principles and using food as delicious medicine.

Our minimal skin care routine helps you to be more sustainable in an industry that is one of the most unsustainable in the world. Shopping within it without more consideration can lead you away from your values instead of aligning you with them.

We aim to provide you with healthier, but always luxurious, options because your skin deserves it. Buying more products usually means more stress on the skin and the desperate need to always seek out solutions, leading to more consumption of product, more skin damage and so the cycle goes... We promise to help you avoid this rabbit hole by giving you everlasting solutions that work for your skin and your overall well-being.

We focus less on a retail partnerships and more on a growing a direct-to-consumer e-commerce business. A brand heavily reliant on retail partnerships means mass production, enormous energy production and unnecessary waste. It also can jeopardize our choice to use the high quality ingredients our brand depends on if profit margins demand we can no longer afford them. We have been fortunate to work with beautiful retailers and hotels like ABC Home and Crosby Street Hotel and we have similar partnerships in mind as we grow. Stay tuned...

We are a sought-after brand that prioritizes these core values and the example we want to make to you, our valuable customer. We keep our carbon footprint light, so you can too. We make products to order and choose retail partners based on our mutual values even if that means we grow at a slower pace. We are a business however and on a mission to grow but that growth will be on our terms. This is beauty everlasting. This is Elique Organics.

OUR PRODUCTS ~ Though it is standard in the beauty business to constantly launch new products, We don’t. It creates more confusion, waste and endless consumption which is unnecessary and unsustainable. Instead we focus on leveling up our natural skin care formulas and reinvesting in the healthy growth of our business.

Our products are multi-purpose so that means beautifying waters can be used as toners, treatments for damaged skin and cleansing waters, oils and creams remove makeup and can be used as a cleanser for dry skin and our facial honeys can be used as cleansers and masks. Most creams are made for face and body, and are phenomenal make-up primers.

Our Crème Vert is preserved with our signature antioxidant cocktail and their self-preserving raw ingredients. We are looking forward to and are confident in 1st quarter 2023 that we will pass preservative testing for Crème Honey Berry and Taut as well. Every ingredient in our creams benefits the health and radiance of your skin.

We steer clear of palm oil based emulsifiers as it increasingly difficult to source responsibly. Thankfully, our special blending technique make for a perfectly creamy and intact product using organic beeswax.

Our beautiful honeys are treatment-free, meaning the bees are never worked for profit pollinating monocultures, acids, antibiotics and other “medicines” are strictly prohibited in the hive and the hive is never fed a diet of sugar or high fructose corn syrup. The honey we receive is surplus honey, gifted to us only after  leaving plenty in the hive to get the bees through coming seasons. READ MORE ABOUT OUR HONEYS HERE

We do not ever support the use of Royal Jelly. This is the only food the Queen Bee consumes and to take it from her is not only cruel but it leaves her malnourished which leads to a weak and vulnerable hive. Our ethical beekeeper friends believe there is no such thing as”sustainably harvested” royal jelly and we agree.

OUR PACKAGING ~  “Just because it’s glass doesn’t mean it can be recycled”

Our products are packaged in recyclable Miron glass. This glass is ideal for helping maintain the integrity and vitality of our natural plant-based ingredients. Better yet, these are perfect for reusing, which leaves even less of a carbon footprint than recycling. Use them in your pantry to store your delicate spices, herbs, honeys and oils.

As much as we love the polished look of screen printing glass, we use paper labels on our bottles and jars because it is impossible to guarantee that the screen-printed glass that “can be recycled” will actually be recycled once in a landfill mixed with all the other screen printed glass that cannot.

We also LOVE frosted glass but it cannot be recycled.

OUR INGREDIENTS ~ We source our quality ingredients from suppliers chosen for their sustainable practices and their respect for the natural plant oils, honeys and hydrosols that they work with. We have maintained decades-long relationships with our suppliers and do not hop around in order to source a cheaper product. We also are very skilled at vetting any new suppliers, knowing what questions to ask and the answers we are looking for. We will not compromise.  

Plant oils are always certified organic, and unless otherwise noted, extra virgin meaning never refined, filtered, winterized, heated or deodorized. 

Because our oils come from all over the world and the corruption and modern day slavery attached to many of them, we rely heavily on our trusted supplier relationships and their certifications for an organic and/or fair-trade product. Many of our oils, like the shea Nilotica in Crème Vert support the growth and prosperity of local villages and and if we ever choose to use one from a hyper-challenged region, like the Amazon you can sleep well knowing that it also is a fair and ethically traded ingredient that supports the conservation of the land and the local people. Finally, it will only be featured in a limited edition product that  gives part of its sales toward that support and conservation. When we do make the choice to add a limited edition product like Crème Supreme to our Everyday Essentials, we simply get in the beauty kitchen and reformulate it without Murumuru butter. We are always transparent about our process so feel free to email us anytime with your questions or thoughts.


Please share how we can better align with the values that matter most to you.