How To Protect The Precious Ingredients In Your Products

Natural, plant-based ingredients are more vulnerable to spoil and ‘wilt’ than a conventional, synthetic one. How your botanical products are stored and handled can benefit them after lots of wear and tear, especially in the summertime,

While our signature antioxidant cocktail prevents oxidation in our facial honeys and oils, come summertime, our water-based products, even the preserved ones, tell a different story.

First, the Beautifying Waters… 

We are very lucky to source from distillers who guarantee a pristine and sterile work environment which is a CRUCIAL initial step for ensuring long-term stability. So many brands source from dirty distillers or distillers that cut their product with distilled water or add fragrance… Too often, brand owners are not experienced in what sourcing questions to ask and the standards to speak up for when communicating with their manufacturer or product manager. But because our skin has literally been in the hydrosol game for close to three decades, and we have had the privilege to observe or client’s skin in real time under the influence of our hydrosols, it could not be more clear that our hydrosols are intact with their plants hearty nutrient profile post-distillation. A hydrosol with this quality of Prana is self-preserving and why we choose not to add preservatives, unless a few drops of distilled vodka or rum. I know some formulators will argue this point, but when it comes to the hydrosols we source, I stand my ground…

However, every skin food has its vulnerabilities and how you handle your waters, especially in the scorching heat, can make or break them. Below are tried-and-true tips for safeguarding your Precious Beautifying Waters this season: 

  • Store in a cool place and when in doubt, Refrigerate. This is your best bet for safeguarding your Minis and 4 ounce bottles when not in use. For our 8 and 16 ounce bottles, ALWAYS keep those in the refrigerator with lids tightly closed after replenishing your smaller bottles. 
  • Keep hydrosols out of the purse or car overnight and be mindful of keeping them in humid and hot rooms and in front of a sunny window.
  • Do Not open bottles to pour them in your hand.
  • Keep Noses out of bottles for a deeper whiff.
  • Before every replenish of a smaller bottle, spritz it and the stem of atomizer with 70% alcohol. Let sit for a few minutes then shake to evaporate remaining alcohol.
  • DO NOT RINSE bottles with tap or filtered water. Use alcohol to “rinse” your bottles.
  • DO NOT use your beautifying water if it is cloudy, or a ‘bloom” has formed – this looks like one or two tiny floating cotton balls. If this happens within 30-days of receiving your product, please email us at for a replacement.

Now On To Crèmes:

Though Crèmes Honey Berry & Vert have passed preservative challenge testing with our signature antioxidant cocktail, they are still prone to a hot spell, which can resemble separation of oils or at worst, and after months of neglect, an “off” smell. Take note of our suggestions for protecting your creams from premature ‘wilting’ and spoilage:

  • To retrieve your product, use clean and dry hands or a spoon that can be easily sanitized after use.
  • If your cream separated within close proximity to receiving it and it smells beautiful, stir it with a clean spoon to bring everything together. Transfer a little bit to a clean, sterile ((70% alcohol) and preferably glass jar for daily access and to avoid frequent opening of your crème and keep the rest in the refrigerator.
  • You think the lid is closed tight, but most often, it isn’t. Double Check after use!

As for knowing if your product spoiled, you will know by how it smells and looks. If you’re still uncertain, you can always ask us.

We hope this clears up any questions or concerns you may have had.


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