Taut La Crème Yeux 15 ml.

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Packaged in a 15 ml. Miron glass jar.

Gently press and tap around the eyes (on lids too) until your crème has absorbed into the skin. These movements help clear stagnant energy and brighten the entire eye area. For best results use day and eve. xo

Taut is packaged in a 15 ml. Miron glass jar.


Elisha never believed in eye creams with their lofty claims and insanely high price tags. But after her clients started using her crèmes, they clients begged her for an eye cream. So she delivered. Her intention was to create one that was affordable and that would hydrate, protect and moisturize but the feedback she received was unbelievable. Taut brightened dark and puffy eyes and was strengthening and hydrating their skin too. When Elisha introduced Taut to her Paris set, who swear by their traditional creams, they called it “Magic” and Elisha knew that Taut was a very special product indeed.

INGREDIENTS:  Certified organic oils of avocado, certified organic hydrosols of rock rose, cornflower, frankincense, Bulgarian rose, German chamomile and cucumber with beeswax, non-gmo vitamin E, certified organic black, green and rosehips tea with food-grade grapefruit seed extract and a dash of honey.

This product is 98% certified organic.

Elisha’s standards for sourcing honey and beeswax far surpass those set for certified organic foods. To learn more about the quality of our ingredients please visit our FAQ and ABOUT OUR PRODUCTS pages.

APPLICATION: Elisha recommends applying Taut in little dots from where the brow ends inward to the nose. Once they are lined up, tap and sweep along the way in a gentle motion to avoid tugging at the skin. Massage around eyes too at brow and temple. This movement is what will move out stagnant energy and brighten the eye area. Apply day and eve. xo

NOTE: Avoid rubbing and pulling at the skin. Always sweep and lift and press gently. Avoid dragging skin downward.

STORAGE: Taut does not need to be refrigerated but it feels great when applied cold to the skin.
Our creams are fresh, preservative-free and once opened, are meant to be used within 90 days.
For more information please visit or FAQ page.

Taut is packaged in a 15 ml. Miron glass jar.

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8 reviews for Taut La Crème Yeux 15 ml.

  1. hl31young (verified owner)

    I have never been one for eye creams due to the fact that my skin is sensitive and the “regular” eye creams would irritate my skin and leave behind an undesirable residue. I am very impressed with Taut. It is thick, creamy and my skin soaks it up! No left over residue. I have applied it to my entire face when the winter dryness has taken over and Taut did wonders. Also, I have been applying it to a scar I have between my eyes that I acquired during my childhood and it is not as defined nor as deep as it was previously!

  2. Julie Gatenby

    Because all of Elisha’s products, she only uses the most natural, organic ingredients, you can trust that what you put on your skin and especially around your precious eye area is safe. I am using Taut not only around my eyes, but on some deep set lines above my nose and corner of my lips. A little is only needed.
    I will continue to use Taut for years to come!

  3. tani

    I have been using Taut eye cream for 3 years… this cream acts on fine lines, dark circles, puffiness and it brightens the eye area…It is the ultimate miracle worker multi rejuvenating eye cream….I can not be without it…
    The absolute best I have ever tried! And it works.
    Nothing out there compares to this eye cream!!

  4. Sohjé Johnson

    I used this under my boyfriend’s eyes. Every since ive known him they have been puffy. He washed his face and I tapped this on and around and in 10 mins the puffiness reduced significantly. I was amazed! Great product. Use it!

  5. Carol

    Honestly, I have never really felt that eye creams made much of a difference…until I started using Elisha’s Taut. It really does reduce the dark circles I have had for years under my eyes. Thank you Elisha!

  6. Jennifer Stevens

    No irritating eyes with Taut!! Wearing contact lenses I have to be careful what goes around my eye and this is truly exceptional. My skin feels so, smooth and hydrated with this it’s amazing!! Every now and again when it’s been too hot to get a descent night’s sleep and I wake up with puffy eyes I use the magic teaspoon over ice followed by Taut and voila!!

  7. Fran Ameri

    I absolutely adore this eye cream. It is so creamy and delicious, and the delicate eye area drinks it all in with relish. It has helped soften the wrinkles around my eyes, and has helped decrease puffiness, bags and even diminish dark circles. I delicately massage the eye area with Taut during my routine, and I’m transported. And it is so delicate and nourishing without any eye irritation whatsoever, and my eyes are extremely sensitive. I don’t know how I ever lived without this gorgeous eye cream. I think all of Elique’s products are soul food for the soul! I will use them for as long as Elisha keeps making them — hopefully forever!

  8. Heather (verified owner)

    Amazing! Have used for a week now and I love the results, calming and moisturizing. Love this creme

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