Sweet Clean Infused Facial Honey 100 ml.

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Infused Facial Honey – Beautifying Cleanser & Mask
Using honey on the skin is one of the most beautifying experiences you will ever have. It firms, draws moisture to the skin, is anti-inflammatory and ant-bacterial and thanks to honey’s naturally occurring gluconic acid, it breaks down the most hardened debris on the surface, exfoliating like nothing else but in the gentlest way imaginable leaving your skin kissably soft.

Sweet Clean uses deep cleansing and moisturizing oils like sesame, coconut, sweet almond and olive. For severely dry skin, mask/cleanse twice per week.

Sweet Honey Berry is packaged in a 100 ml. Miron glass jar.



Infused Facial Honey- Beautifying Cleanser & Mask
Using honey on the skin is one of the most beautifying experiences you will ever have. It firms, draws moisture to the skin, is soothing to irritated and inflamed skin,  anti-bacterial and thanks to its naturally occurring gluconic acid, honey helps to break down the most hardened debris on the surface, making a powerful but gentle facial exfoliant. Your skin is left kissably soft.

Sourcing honey is a responsibility Elisha takes very seriously. When she became aware of Colony Collapse Disorder and how this is affecting the honeybee’s health and her species survival as well as how CCD affects our own human experience, she vowed to always protect the plight of our honeybee friend and not contribute to her immense burden. She was mentored for over a year by Kirk Anderson, a treatment-free beekeeper and founder of the Backwards Beekeepers in Los Angeles. Along with other treatment-free beekeeper pioneers like Dee Lusby, Ceebs Bailey and HoneyLove, Elisha realized that treatment-free honey (and most any urban-farm honey) was the best and most ethical beekeeping practice to support and interestingly they, as well as urban beekeepers  rarely experience Colony Collapse or other diseases within their hives. More often than not, treatment-free hives thrive year after year.

Our honey products are available on a limited basis only and come from Rock Front Ranch. Their California honey is independently tested to be glyphosate-free. Read more about treatment free honey here

INGREDIENTS: Raw sage honey, oils of sesamum indicum (sesame), olea europaea (olive), cocos nucifera (coconut), and prunus amygdalus dulcis (sweet almond) with hydrosols of lavandula angustifolia (lavender) and (olibanum) frankincense, rosa damascena (Bulgarian rose) absolute and non-gmo tocopherol (vitamin E).

To learn more about the quality of our ingredients please visit our FAQ and ABOUT OUR PRODUCTS pages.

APPLICATION: Prep skin first with a warm/hot washcloth, holding compress firmly for a few seconds. Wipe entire face when removing and repeat two more times. On your warm skin, gently massage a quarter size amount of Sweet Clean onto your skin, paying attention to areas that feel more congested. Take your time. With a cool/warm washcloth, wipe honey off the face and a warm water rinse. Finish by pressing with open palms your favorite Pampered pH onto your skin.

TO MASK: Follow same process except scoop out a tad less and after applying and massaging into the skin, leave on for 15-20 minutes. With a warm washcloth, wipe honey off the face, rinsing off what is left. Pat skin dry, mist and press in your favorite Pampered pH and Elique crème or facial oil.

PERFECT FOR: Sweet Clean is perfect for someone who has dry, inflamed and rough skin and severely dry-skin from overuse of harsh products / treatments. For most anyone else, we recommend Sweet Honey Berry.

Sweet Clean is packaged in a 100 ml. Miron glass jar.

Sweet Clean is edible (and delicious) and can even be added to a smoothie or atop yoghurt. 

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2 reviews for Sweet Clean Infused Facial Honey 100 ml.

  1. tani

    This product is absolutely wonderful.
    I love it! I have never bought products like these before that really work!! I have seen the difference in my skin.
    This product cleanses my skin but also moisturizes and rejuvenates my skin.
    I use once a week and it is fabulous!! my skin feels so soft and definitely is a keeper for life…

  2. Jessie (verified owner)

    Love this cleansing mask. I was suffering from chronic breakouts near my hairline and the sweet clean has cleared it all up. It’s so delicious (literally) and I have to stop myself from slathering it all over my face everyday. It’s a powerful exfoliant so only need it once or a few times a week. I love treating myself to a nice, restorative bath, massaging the sweet clean onto my face and letting all that goodness soak in. Self care at its finest! I have been following Elisha’s advice for years now and she has never steered me wrong. If you ever have the opportunity to get a facial from her, DO IT! Thank you Elisha!

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