Springtime Self-Care Sessions


Starting at just $29, these events are designed to give you a taste of my teaching style and the powerful results you can achieve by being consistent with small steps. I hope to inspire you to slow down, get grounded and dip your toes into this opportunity of real self-care, self-discovery and true healing. This is beauty everlasting. This is Elique Organics.

MARCH 9th ~PURIFY THE SENSES ~ 10 am PST or March 10th 10 am EST
MARCH 16th ~ MODERN DAY AYURVEDA ~ 10 am PST or MARCH 17th 10 am EST


Imagine a world where we all loved each ourselves more, criticized ourselves less and forgave ourselves for the past. I dare you to embrace the peace that is in the present moment and commit to yourself in a new way. This will reflect the beauty you want to have within yourself, and for the world. I challenge you to let go of grievances, anger, resentment, blame and criticism. There is nothing healing and gorgeous about negativity and drama. In fact, releasing the old is the only way to let in the new and experience the radiance you keep seeking. Problem is, you’re looking out there for it but it can’t be found outside of yourself. 

Loving yourself is often the hardest work you will ever do but also the most rewarding. I promise if you commit to your practice, it will get easier, more fun and rewarding along the way.

I am so thankful for all of the many long and hard years I have committed to my self-growth and the mentors along the way who guided me on my path of self-discovery. Chipping away at my pain and shame has lightened my load and when I was emotionally and mentally ready, I was gifted the love of Louise Hay. She is the cherry on top and the one I resonate with most of all. We are kindred spirits indeed and I have trusted her completely to teach me how to love myself and the powerful transformation that happens because of this self-love.

I hope to be a stepping stone for you, sharing myself and the lessons I know can help you too as you embark on this new path of real self-care. May you meet all of the angels that lovingly guide your journey. And in Divine Time your cherry on top will show up too. Just like that.

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Springtime Sessions

Beyond The Cushion 7 PM EST, Beyond The Cushion 7 pm PST, Modern Day Ayurveda 10 a.m. PST, Modern Day Ayurveda 10 am EST, Purify The Senses 10 am EST, Purify The Senses 10 am PST, Peaceful Heart Collective


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