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Elique uses an aged Guyanese rum for its naturally occurring high sugar content to gently cleanse and exfoliate even the most sensitive skin. Use twice per week on a clean cloth wipe to brighten the tone and notice an overall transformed skin that is kissably soft.

Rum & Roses is packaged in a 100 ml. Miron glass bottle.


Rum & Roses uses a five time award-winning 12-year oak-aged Guyanese dark rum with a high sugar content to gently exfoliate and brighten the skin. Chosen by Elisha from a few certified organic or heritage and sustainable rums from small distillers that do not compromise their products with colors, added fragrance, flavors or anything else that is unnatural to its process. The rum Elisha chose is deliciously sweet and extremely sexy and luscious. After using it topically a few different ways, she loved it best when infused with beautifying herbs and hydrosols. Rum & Roses regenerates the skin while exfoliating it, leaving it bright, healthy and ready to absorb all your gorgeous creams and oils.

Rum & Roses is a food-based and extremely gentle exfoliant. If you are concerned about sun exposure, definitely be more aware of wearing hats and other sun protection on long sunny days.

HOW TO USE: Prep the skin with a warm/hot compress, cleanse with Pampered pH and finish with Rum & Roses. Use twice per week and then let your skin will tell you how often to use it.

If skin is very sensitive or inflamed, suss out Rum & Roses first by starting your cleanse away from the irritation, beginning instead on other areas, and then, if you have acne, flipping wipe over, so clean side of cotton then cleanses that inflamed area. If you have acne, definitely use a new wipe(s) for each round of cleansing – we recommend wiping the face at least twice with a drenched wipe for clean and bright skin.  Finish by pressing your favorite Pampered pH or cool water into the skin. Moisturize with your favorite Elique crème or face oil.

If your skin is very sensitive feel free to initially dilute product with a tad hydrosol or tea until you are ready to use it straight.

Use 2-3 times per week. Do not rinse and always make sure to wash your hands before beginning your regimen so you have them ready to press your product into the skin with an open soft hand. Finish with Pampered pH Bulgarian Rose or Beautifying Blend.

Rose & Black Tea softens, firms and brightens the skin’s tone while minimizing the appearance of pores. INGREDIENTS:Aged Guyanese rum with rose, geranium and frankincense hydrosols steeped in organic rose petals, rose hips, jasmine flowers and black tea.

Rum & Roses is packaged in a 100 ml. Miron glass bottle.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    liza (verified owner)

    this stuff is liquid GOLD!!! i normally tone my face with organic witch hazel at night, followed by Elique Organics Smooth Berry, but decided to make the switch & try something new. Now, I can’t imagine using anything else on my face! The Rum & Roses cleans my skin so well, without stripping it of any moisture. I feel clean and glowy immediately 🙂

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jennifer Stevens

    Love, love, love this!!
    I have mature skin which is getting dryer and thinner as I age. I’m in my mid fifties and have that lovely hormone thing going on. I have found using the Rum & Roses to be very gentle on my skin whilst doing a fabulous job of exfoliating my skin. The smell is divine, I have to stop myself from getting a cup every-time I open the bottle. To think I use to use all those cheap harsh scrubs years ago which did some damage to my skin, now I wouldn’t use anything else !!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    I use the Rum and Roses the morning’s, night’s when my skin just needs a little bit more TLC in between Elique’s other Hydrosols. I find the Rum and Roses as a beautifully, delicate and soothing “special” water, which wakes my skin up and refreshes my skin particularly after a long day leaving a moist, drunken skin ready for one of Elique’s oils, or a creme.

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