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One of Elique’s favorite Beautifying teas is Rose Sencha. Sencha is one of three types of green tea and is the most popular green tea in Japan. Sencha is also different than other green teas because the camellia sinensis plant is grown under sunlight.

Sencha Tea has many benefits: It fights free radicals, burns fat and boosts metabolism and thanks to its high antioxidant level it also boosts immunity. Studies also show that Sencha is good for lowering LDL, or bad cholesterol i.e. lowering blood pressure and preventing heart disease. so we recommend anyone who is at risk for any kind of heart problems should give Sencha a try.

Because Sencha has caffeine, it will boost your energy.but thanks to the amino acid theanine it also calms the body so Sencha is quite balanced and so the boost in energy that you get will not be as strong as coffee and instead it will be more relaxing and steady.

We love adding organic red rose petals with Sencha for their beautifying, cooling and antioxidant benefits. Also, the rose helps to soften the Sencha notes and add a hint of beautiful color and fragrance.

HOW TO BREW: Steep one teaspoon in 8 oz. of 170 degree water. can also be cold brewed. Strain immediately.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST our favorite thing to do after brewing is to take the leaves and wrap them in a little cotton bundle that we then wipe across the face and décollete to beautify and brighten the skin. You can refrigerate them and use for another 2 days.

2 oz. of Certified Organic Rose Sencha is Packaged in a plant-based polymer lined and compostable paper bag.

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