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Hydrosols are naturally acidic in their pH just like our skin. This is why there is a beautiful synergy when they come together and why we believe they are the missing link to radiant and youthful skin. Hydrosols hydrate, beautify, firm and invigorate the skin while softening any rough edges along the way. The more you use them in your skin care routine (pressing them onto the skin with open palms and also cleansing the face/neck with them) the more you will breathe life into the skin and begin to notice your authentic and au naturel radiant glow.  It doesn’t get better than this.


PLEASE NOTE: We have impeccable standards when it comes to sourcing our hydrosols and while some may be adamant about theirs being preserved, we believe after decades of working with hydrosols that it is how they are distilled, handled, packaged and stored along with their already low acid pH that will make for a stable and reliable product. Always refrigerate or add a few drops of high quality rum or vodka to your hydrosols for longevity of your product.



Hydrosols enliven and balance the the skin while calming any reactiveness on the surface.The more you use them and press them onto the skin with open palms, the more your skin will show a radiance you have not experienced with other skin care products. These are essential products forevermore.

Rosa Damascena / Bulgarian Rose: Rose benefits most any skin. It keeps it moist and hydrated and enlivens dry, lackluster and mature skin. It is cooling and very mildly astringent, helping reduce broken capillaries and any imbalance on the surface. It is said that rose exhibits the highest vibration of any flower and that there is an affinity with the heart, promoting balance and emotional processing. You can cook with rose too. Try a dessert or ice cream in a Persian cafe for inspiration.

Daucus Carota/Wild Carrot Seed- Helps balance damaged, inflamed and prematurely aged skin. Comforts and softens itchy skin. May relieve symptoms of Atopic Dermatitis.

Citrus Aurantium Amara / Neroli  – Wonderful for oily /moody skin or balance with geranium and/or rosewater for all skin. The fragrance is insanely intoxicating. Try layering with a light oil to create a subtle “Eu de Toilette”. Use as a natural deodorant on a relaxed day.

Centaurea Cyanus /Cornflower: Talk about healthy eyes and beautiful skin too! Cornflower tones crepe-y and delicate skin and with rose it enlivens lackluster skin. If you are jet-setting, make a blend with rose and lavender for an in-flight mist. Use cornflower as an eyewash and eye drop substitute, to compress tired, swollen and itchy eyes and definitely after long hours on the computer. AVOID DURING FIRST TRIMESTER because of possible phytohormones.

Matricaria Recutita / German Chamomile: A perfect treatment for sun/minor burns and blisters and most anyone with sensitized skin. A bit astringent so combine with lavender or rose for more hydrating benefits. Men love this post-shave and definitely use on baby’s diaper bum.

Lavandula Angustifolia /Lavender: Ideal for almost every skin type.Regenerative on damaged and fragile skin and works to combat excessively dry atmospheres (hint: mountain country and airplane). Wonderful post-shave or wax to soothe inflammation and definitely to calm sunburn, heat rash, itching and insect/bug bites. Combine with yarrow to treat wind and sun damage. Also great for baby.

Achillea Millefolium / Yarrow:  Great for problem skin, especially acne, dermal infections, for soothing itchy skin associated with eczema and skin weathered by the elements (great for skiers, sailors and surfers – hmmm all s’s). A wonderful wound cleaner and a perfect aftershave because of its styptic properties. *If you suffer from endometriosis research yarrow as a possible internal aromatherapy for you.


7 reviews for Pampered pH – Beautifying Plant & Floral Waters

  1. Jennifer Stevens

    Oh my!! The Bulgarian Rose Hydrosol is simply divine. The smell, how to describe it – lying in a rose garden! So beautiful on the skin and I just couldn’t stop myself from smelling the wonderful scent. This is a real favourite for me and best of all no plastic bottle!!

  2. Sherrie Clay

    I recently received the Bulgarian Rose Hydrosol as a gift. In the past I have used other Rose facial sprays as well as have made my own. This formula is nothing short of luscious! The fragrance is not overpowering and I love that my aging skin feels rejuvenated after use. It’s now on my list of Elique Organics favorites.

  3. Stephanie A.

    Obsessed with the Cornflower! I wear contacts and this is great to keep my eyes from getting dry. Also makes my skin glow. Can’t wait for it to be back in stock!

  4. Jacqueline Hagen

    Similar to a review posted by Stephanie, I am eagerly reordering the Cornflower hydrosol. This has cleared up redness in my eyes from irritation and the dreaded computer screen. I spray it into my open eyes and face before putting makeup on in the morning. Then I use it for eye moisture throughout the day. Its great for boosting the look of your skin later on in the day. I am buying the large bottle because it is a better value per cost but I plan to pour some into the small 2 oz bottle I kept because that fits in my makeup bag to carry during the day. Love this!

  5. Kristina (verified owner)

    I am addicted to these hydrosols. Living in a hot, dry climate during the summer, and spending a fair amount of time indoors with the heater running during the winter, my skin feels so nourished by Elisha’s hydrosols. The Wild Carrot is my favorite when my skin is in need of an afternoon pick me up, and I like using the Bulgarian Rose in the evening for an overnight reset. Plus, I love that her products are organic and handmade with beautiful ingredients.

    • Elisha Reverby (verified owner)

      Thank you so much for taking the time to write this glowing review Kristina. So happy your skin is relishing in the products.

  6. Lorna (verified owner)

    I love both the Rose and Cornflower waters. But it is the cornflower that has amazed me. When my eyes are irritated or dry the cornflower clears up the problem right away. It is so soothing and I will keep a backup in the fridge especially with allergy season starting up.

    • Elisha Reverby (verified owner)

      Thanks for taking the time to share Lorna. Love so much that you are benefitting from the floral waters.They’re very special indeed. xo

  7. Carol (verified owner)

    These hydrosols are the best thing that has happened to my face. I love cleansing my face with them, especially the Bulgarian rose and geranium. I use the cornflower for my eyes and love how my eyes are feeling. My skin feels so smooth and fresh each time I use these wonderful waters.

    • Elisha Reverby (verified owner)

      thank you for taking the time to review your products Carol! xo

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