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Why is this line called Pampered pH? Because hydrosols have a naturally acidic pH just like the surface of your skin and there is a beautiful synergy that happens when they come together. Elisha has used hydrosols for over 15 years in her practice and believes they are the missing link to supple, dewy and ageless skin.

Pampered pH is packaged in either 2 oz. amber glass bottles with a black mist sprayer or 100 ml. Miron violet glass bottle with covered mist sprayer. Both are the perfect size for travel.

Every hydrosol is certified organic.



We call this line Pampered pH because hydrosols have a naturally acidic pH just like your skin’s surface of your skin and this makes for a beautiful synergy when they come together. Pampered pH tones and topically hydrate the skin and after 16 years of Elisha using hydrosols as a core component of her esthetics practice, she believes them to be the missing link to ageless, supple and dewy skin.

Hydrosols have subtle powers unlike their sister, the essential oil. These are complex and volatile and on their own, cannot be applied topically to the skin. Hydrosols are quiet in their approach and the more you use them and press them with open palms into the skin, the more your skin responds.

PLEASE NOTE: Our hydrosols are not preserved with synthetic preservatives or food-grade alcohol at this time. We source fresh distilled product from distillers that guarantee microbiological cleanliness and though in the future we may add a food-grade alcohol like vodka to ensure more long-term stability, we will not add this to our Cornflower, which we use around and in the eyes.

Pampered pH

Rosa Damascena / Bulgarian Rose: Rose benefits most any skin. It keeps the skin moist and hydrated on the surface and enlivens dry, lackluster and mature skin. It cools the skin and being that it is very mildly astringent it helps reduce tiny broken capillaries and any imbalance on the surface. It is said that rose exhibits the highest vibration of any flower and that there is an affinity with the heart, promoting balance and emotional processing. You can cook with rose too. Try a dessert or ice cream in a Persian cafe for inspiration.

Citrus Aurantium Amara / Neroli  – Wonderful for oily and moody skin or mix with geranium and/or rosewater for most any skin type. Beautifully intoxicating and fragrant. Try layering with a light oil like apricot kernel or sesame to create a subtle “Eu de Toilette”. Use too as a natural deodorant on a more relaxed day.

Centaurea Cyanus /Cornflower: Talk about healthy eyes and beautiful skin too! Cornflower tones crepey and delicate skin and combine it with rose for an enlivening treatment for a more lackluster skin. If you are jet-setting, make a blend with rose and lavender and mist in flight. Cornflower is magnificent as an eyewash and eye drop substitute. Topically use cornflower as a compress for tired, swollen, itchy eyes experiencing the effects of pollution or long hours on the computer and for softening fine lines. *If you suffer from UTI’s research the effects of cornflower. AVOID DURING FIRST TRIMESTER because of possible phytohormones.

Matricaria Recutita / German Chamomile: Anti-inflammatory. Makes a perfect treatment for minor burns and blisters and most anyone with sensitized skin i.e. severe redness, itchy skin and even psoriasis. Use with cotton gauze for spot treating and cleaning sensitive and inflamed skin. A bit astringent si if you feel you need more hydration, combine with lavender or rose. Men love this post-shave. *Has been used to treat candida and sensitive digestion.

Lavandula Angustifolia /Lavender: Lavender is ideal for almost every skin type. It is recognized for its regenerative effect on damaged and fragile skin and works to combat excessively dry atmospheres (hint: take on the plane). Wonderful post-shave or wax to soothe inflammation and definitely to calm sunburn, heat rash, itching and insect/bug bites. Use to prevent wind and sun damage and with yarrow to heal the skin from those harsh elements. Soothe baby by massaging into the feet and hands.

Achillea Millefolium / Yarrow: Mildly anti-bacterial and antiseptic. Great for problem skin, especially acne and dermal infections and for soothing itchy skin associated with eczema. Use to heal skin weathered by the elements – especially sun and wind-damaged skin (great for skiers, sailors and surfers – hmmm all s’s). A wonderful wound cleaner and a perfect aftershave because of its styptic properties. *If you suffer from endometriosis research yarrow as a possible internal aromatherapy for you.

*Our Hydrosols are Not Preserved. We Never Encourage Using Hydrosols Internally Unless You Have Consulted With A Trusted Health Practitioner.

To learn more about hydrosols, start with Suzanne Catty’s book, “Hydrosols, The Next Aromatherapy.” 

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Weight 4.7 oz
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 2 in
Pampered pH

100 ml Bulgarian Rose, 100 ml Cornflower, 100 ml Neroli, 100 ml. German Chamomile, 100 ml. lavender, 100 ml. yarrow, 2 oz. Bulgarian Rose, 2 oz. Cornflower, 2 oz. German Chamomile, 2 oz. Lavender, 2 oz. Yarrow

3 reviews for Pampered pH Beautifying Waters

  1. Jennifer Stevens

    Oh my!! The Bulgarian Rose Hydrosol is simply divine. The smell, how to describe it – lying in a rose garden! So beautiful on the skin and I just couldn’t stop myself from smelling the wonderful scent. This is a real favourite for me and best of all no plastic bottle!!

  2. Sherrie Clay

    I recently received the Bulgarian Rose Hydrosol as a gift. In the past I have used other Rose facial sprays as well as have made my own. This formula is nothing short of luscious! The fragrance is not overpowering and I love that my aging skin feels rejuvenated after use. It’s now on my list of Elique Organics favorites.

  3. Stephanie A.

    Obsessed with the Cornflower! I wear contacts and this is great to keep my eyes from getting dry. Also makes my skin glow. Can’t wait for it to be back in stock!

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