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Elisha discovered Los Poblanos soaps when she was taking a little staycation in Los Angeles. It was a beautiful day and she decided to walk downtown Culver City, perusing the new (to her)  shops along the way and it was in one that she discovered Los Poblanos farm fresh soaps. Being a sucker for anything beautifully packaged and with the words “organic” and “farm” on it, she had to buy it and give it a go.

When she got home and unwrapped the soap, the sage fragrance and gorgous soft hues seduced her and when she lathered up, wow was it soft and creamy. This soap has nothing to prove.

Elisha still had to research the brand before committing to it and let’s just say the love story came to a high when she did. This beautiful brand with their gorgeous farm and their ethos much like hers about sourcing, productivity and supporting other niche brands that are superb in quality and in their sustainable mission. Then she spoke to Aimee at the farm and from there it was clear that tis was a business that feel privileged to to collaborate with and support.

Their Man Bar is made with farm fresh sage from Los Poblanos Organic Farm as well as vetiver, clary sage, juniper and cedarwood essential oils, it smells like sweet earth and fire (in the most amazing way). Perfect for the fella or anyone who loves real cozy warm aroma.

Elisha is planning a trip to their farm in the spring/summer and cannot wait to stay at their inn and eat in their restaurant too.  She’s already thinking of hosting small retreats there for all of you too! Stay tuned…


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