Field Guide To Produce


Paperback. Small and Chubby. 384 Pages. includes full-color photographs of more than 200 photographs of the world’s most popular fruits and vegetables that are cross-referenced to more in-depth descriptions, seasonal guides, selection tips and detailed step-by-step preparation directions that tell you whether that particular fruit or veggie has to be peeled, washed, trimmed, or blanched. This is such a fun book for the novice or experienced home-cook.


Field Guide To Produce will make sure you are never intimidated or confused again by all the beautiful fresh foods at the farmer’s market or gourmet grocer. This fat little book fits perfect in your tote and will open your world up to a variety of fruits and veggies you never even imagined existed and will hopefully inspire your cooking adventures. A must-have essential for the novice or experienced home-cook!


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