Eau Embellisante ~ Bulgarian Rose


Unless you have a subscription, our products are sold  on a preorder basis. Please view our preorder calendar for details. Want yours sooner? Feel free to contacts us. If we have any  from a subscription batch, we would be happy for you to have it. 

Rose hydrates dehydrated skin and breathes life into lackluster and fragile skin, while plumping the skin and minimizing the appearance of fine line and spider veins Don’t forget to use on décolleté and around the eyes.

Our products are therapeutic & uplifting to the skin and spirit and are the healthiest option if you have cancer or an auto-immune illness.


Unless you have a subscription, our products are sold  on a preorder basis and will begin shipping Week of July 8th 2024. Want yours sooner? Feel free to contacts us to inquire if we have any stock from a subscription batch. If so, we would be happy for you to have it. 

Hydrosols are pure water  distillates (essential waters) from plants/flowers/barks and leaves that strengthen the skin’s barrier by restoring its acidic pH and nourishing it with phyto-nutrients.

Use as toners, cleansers, mid-day skin pick-me-ups and head-to-toe mists post bath to spoil your entire skin silly. The more you use hydrosols on the skin, hair, cuticles and hands, the more you cannot live without them. Guaranteed!

Rosa damascena ~ Bulgarian Rose: Rose is the highest frequency measured of any living thing recorded and comes closest to the vibration of love. Rose uplifts, cools, hydrates and strengthens the skin. Rose helps to minimize the appearance of spider veins and softens lines on the décolleté and around the eyes. A wonderful remedy for dry and mature skin. Spritz in the hair to add lustre and use on the hands to soften. 100% Certified Organic Rosa damascena hydrosol

APPLICATION: After cleansing, mist generously on face and neck to rebalance your pH OR use with our Bundle of Wipes to cleanse sensitive and acneic/inflamed skin 

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Protect The Shelf Life Of Your Hydrosols ~ Our distillers guarantee a sterile process and supply a superior product. Protect your waters by keeping lids tight, noses out of open bottles and product away from sun and heat. Refrigerate the larger bottles when not in use. if your products travel with you, are in and out of your purse, hot car or sunny spaces, keep an eye on them. If they become cloudy or a bloom forms, discontinue use.  

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Pampered pH

16 fl. oz., 3.6 oz., 8 fl.oz


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