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Essential for creating healthy circulation, doing away with dry skin for good, preventing ingrown hairs and aiding in the elimination of waste with the help of the lymphatic system and skin.

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Dry brushing your skin not only eliminates dry skin by removing all those dead skin o your surface so you get the real benefits of your creams, waters and oils when you apply them but it also maintains a healthy circulation, stimulates and regenerates and most important, it aids the lymphatic system in elimination via your skin.

When dry brushing always go in the direction of your heart, bringing flow upward from feet, legs and tummy and downward from shoulders, neck and upper arms. Dry brush before showering, not after.

Finally, Elisha swears by a dry brush for preventing ingrown hairs. After waxing for years and becoming celebrated as one of the best in Los Angeles and while operating her award-winning salon, Get Waxed, off Abbot Kinney in Venice Beach, it became clear that what her client needed to include in their regimen was a dry brush. The bristle pokes that pore, teasing it and creating movement and an opening for the hair to stand upright as opposed to lying flat. The same goes for men. She recommends that men who experience ingrown hairs not only learn how to use a straight razor for shaving (or at least changing their blades every single day) but also using a facial brush prior to perk up their curly facial hairs.

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