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Dry Brush


Essential for stimulating circulation, moving out stagnant energy and exfoliating your body from head-to-toe to ensure a softer skin that better receives your delicious body crèmes and oils.


Dry brushing your skin eliminates dry skin by removing dead skin so you receive all the benefits your creams, hydrosol waters and oils have to offer you AND dry brushing your skin is essential for helping boost the lymphatic system.

When dry brushing always go in the direction of your heart, bringing flow upward from feet, legs and tummy and downward from shoulders, neck and upper arms. Dry brush before showering, not after.

Finally, Elisha swears by using a dry brush for preventing ingrown hairs. After waxing for years and becoming celebrated as The Best in Los Angeles with her salon Get Waxed in Venice Beach, her clients benefitted greatly post wax when they dry brushed their skin. Why?  The bristle pokes that pore, teasing it and creating movement and an opening for the hair to stand upright as opposed to lying flat. This same technique applies to men and Elisha recommends they use a facial brush before shaving and in between shaves as well as learn how to use a straight razor for a close and smooth as silk shave.


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