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Crème Vert

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Crème Vert transforms dull, dry and itchy skin with regenerative ingredients like borage, shea and rose hips seed oils and purifies the surface using essential plant and flower waters (hydrosols). Crème Vert is a very nourishing and ultra-riche moisturizing crème that can be used year-round but because it is so protective it is most beneficial during the fall – winter season. 

Year-round it has superior moisturizing and beautifying effects on the skin. Crème Vert absorbs beautifully, leaving just a whisper to protect the surface. 3.5 oz


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INGREDIENTS: Certified organic / virgin oils of unrefined persea gratissima (avocado), Borago Officinalis (borage seed), rosa canina (rose hips), Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea**) Seed Butter, certified organic hydrsols of rosa damascena (Bulgarian rose), matricaria recutita (German chamomile), centaurea cyanus (cornflower) and cucumus sativus (cucumber), cera alba (beeswax), mixed tocopherols from non-GMO and fair-trade soy sources and citrus grandis (grapefruit seed extract). 

**Nilotica Shea Butter possesses a higher olein content and is softer, creamier and sweeter in aroma than the more widely used West African Shea Butter.

Scent Is earthy, nutty and green from the natural aromas of our rich botanical ingredients. Always cream the shoulders, torso, derriere, back of thighs and lower back. Delicious on the skin post wax/shave

If you have a thinner, fair and fragile skin, try Crème Honey Berry.

Elisha’s standards for sourcing surpass certified organic ingredients. To learn more about the quality of our ingredients please visit our FAQ and ABOUT OUR PRODUCTS pages.

Antioxidants allow shelf- stability within three months of purchase. This product is 98% certified organic.


9 reviews for Crème Vert

  1. hl31young (verified owner)

    I have been using Creme Vert for 2 mos now. It is wonderful! I have redness on my cheeks and nose area and this creme has helped immensely. I recently used it on my face due to wind burn (I was out shoveling during a horrible snowstorm – I live in the country – it happens ;). It stopped the itching, burning and redness within FIVE minutes!!! Oh, Creme Vert how I love thee…

  2. tani

    I absolutely love this cream!…I call it the miracle cream!!!
    When I use it, I feel like it is a superfood for my skin…full of vitamins and nutrients for my skin. When I use this cream, my skin literally glows…I have noticed that the health and tone of my skin has improved after using this cream, and also my skin looks much younger…. It is really extraordinary.!!

  3. Sohjé Johnson

    I usually buy lots of different oils which can get pricey so I was pleasantly surprised to see ONE product with all the things I love, have been reading about, or couldnt seem to get my hands on. I used it and my face felt refreshed and moisturized. Then I used it on my whole body. One stop shop with this product. Love it.

  4. Carol (verified owner)

    I have been using Creme Vert for about a month now and I can not believe how different my skin looks and feels. Even when I am traveling, which usually means my skin will suffer, it feels hydrated and so so soft. I am thrilled that my daughter told me about Elisha and her amazing line of skin care line.

  5. Julie Gatenby

    This creme is so soothing to the skin. The green colour comes from the beautiful avocado. Convert to Vert and your skin will be happy to receive such a divine, hydrating treatment.

  6. Kasey (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this cream for years and I constantly get complimented on my skin – even as a mom with an active toddler! It calms my roseacea, smooths, and provides relief to my dry skin. I now buy in bulk!

  7. Jennifer Stevens

    This is my second jar and again I am tempted to put a dollop on a slice of toast. My skin loves this and stays hydrated all day long. I use this over an oil blend of carrot seed and pomegranate and my skin feels so soft and smooth. I also use this on parts of my body that need extra hydration. If you have dry mature skin you really have to try this, you won’t be disappointed. Elisha doesn’t just make creams and say job done, she goes well beyond that. She researches, experiments, analyses all that mother nature has to offer on this wonderful planet called earth. I’m really impressed with Elisha’s knowledge and skills in creating such amazing and beautiful products!!

  8. Jess (verified owner)

    Creme Vert has really helped reduce redness and itchiness on my daughter’s eczema. She has been using Creme Vert since Winter of 2017. The scent is pleasing unlike many other skincare products she has tried. The creme is pure goodness with natural wholesome ingredients. I’m beyond happy to have found Creme Vert! It provides soothing comfort and relief to my daughter’s eczema. This is her staple!!! I always buy it in a bundle of 3 pots. Thank you Elisha for her loving devotion in creating a wholesome and effective product!

  9. Fran Ameri

    Creme Vert is a dream. I am in love with Elique skin care. My skin hasn’t felt this good in 20 years. Elisha has created products that my skin just topically devours! It is truly health food for the skin. My 56 year old skin is soft, creamy and glowing after only days of using Creme Vert. It was already looking this way after just one day, truth be told. I’ve never loved a skin cream this much before. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Creme Vert. Thank you Elisha for your passionate expertise in creating such divine skin care products Using them is good for body and soul!

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