Conquer Facial Exfoliant 50 ml.


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When you exfoliate the skin you stimulates circulation of lymph and blood, which allow your skin to relieves itself of surface debris and work in a healthy and balanced environment. Also, to use products that support the skin’s surface pH and healthy barrier function will in turn build a stronger skin that can easily embrace the elements, remaining glowing and bright no matter what. A skin that fights less of a battle will show up less inflamed and reactive. Hello Gorgeous!


Exfoliating the skin removes surface debris that gets in the way of your skin’s balance and outward glow while also stimulating healthy lymph and blood circulation. By supporting a healthy barrier function of the skin and not stripping it of protective oils and healthy bacteria, your skin does not have to fight a constant battle and it becomes less inflamed and able to beautifully embrace the elements. Hello Gorgeous!

INGREDIENTS: Happy honey, certified organic oils of sesame and extra virgin olive, rice bran powder, rose hips and hibiscus with green and black teas and crushed petals of rose. Finished with frankincense hydrosol.

This product is 98% certified organic. All ingredients except the honey are certified organicOur beeswax and honey are ethically sourced from our treatment-free beekeeper friends. Our honey comes from Rock Front Ranch and is independently tested to be glyphosate-free.

To learn more about the quality of our ingredients please visit our FAQ and ABOUT OUR PRODUCTS pages. .

PERFECT FOR: Conquer is perfect for most anyone but if you lean toward a more inflamed, fragile and/or sensitized skin, we recommend Sweet Clean.

APPLICATION: We recommend prepping the skin with warm facial compresses prior to using Conquer. How To Compress: Run your facial cloth under warm/hot water, wring out and hold over face, pressing with open palms and wiping skin clean when remove it. Repeat two more times. Once skin is prepped, cleanse and massage Conquer onto  your skin using gentle circular movements. If needed, spritz hydrosol or lightly dampen hands to avoid pulling at the skin.  Rinse with cool/warm water. Do not towel dry and instead press water into skin and finish with Pampered pH and your favorite Elique crème or facial oil.

Conquer is packaged in a 100 ml. Miron glass jar.


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