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Skin Nutrition is a core focus of Elisha’s esthetic practice and for 18 years she has implemented “Tea Therapy” to heal her most troubled clients. Clear Skin is helpful for anyone with inflamed or cystic and painful acne. Hives, “rosacea” and severe sensitivity and chronic redness on the face and body. Symptoms may appear on the scalp, hands, feet, mouth/lips/tongue and may also be soothed with our Clear Skin tea. 100% Certified Organic

The herbs used in Clear Skin were chosen for their ability to boost immunity, cool and soothe inflammation, purify the blood and lymph while nourishing the gut and nervous system.



FOR VERY INFLAMED (RED) SKIN infuse one tablespoon tea overnight with 16 oz. room temperature (warm) filtered or distilled water. Do not refrigerate. FOR LESS INFLAMED BLEMISHES brew one tablespoon in 16 oz. of boiling water for 10-15 minutes.
FOR BEST RESULTS give it a stir before straining and drink the entire 16 oz. first thing in the morning, AFTER brushing your teeth (and maybe scraping your tongue) but BEFORE consuming any coffee, juice or food. We recommend drinking another 16 oz. of the weaker infusion (see more below) throughout the day. If you want results, avoid sweetener (it is delicious so doesn’t need it anyway) and if your skin is inflamed DO NOT add citrus.

PLEASE PAY ATTENTION to how your body feels drinking Clear Skin. Herbs and flowers are colorful and pretty but not as soft as you think. They have immense power and knowing this and respecting their complexity allows you to respect how your body feels along the way. If you are taking any pharmaceuticals, please review the ingredients with your practitioner before taking this tea. FOR EXAMPLE turmeric is a blood thinner so when taken consistently can have contraindications. 

ACHIEVING RESULTS come with consistency. Drinking Clear Skin once in a blue moon, though nourishing, will not allow the boosted results you desire. Also, if you are primarily consuming a processed/packaged/Sugar-Filled/ToGo diet, your body ( cannot come into enough balance it needs to achieve the skin of your dreams. Fore noticeable results, though it may take months depending on your condition/lifestyle/diet/stress they will come if you follow the recommended advice throughout this page.

MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK – After steeping and straining, feel free to make a second lighter infusion with the leftover herbs. Though not as potent, their lighter infusion makes for a delicious sipping beverage that will continue to maintain your body’s progression into a healthier and happier you. This tea is absolutely delicious so why not get the most from it?

LAST BUT NOT LEAST to continue beautifying and brightening the skin, our favorite thing to do after brewing is to take the leaves and wrap them in a little cotton bundle and gently compress it onto your surface inflammation. Compress can be done the next day if herbs are refrigerated in a sealed glass container.

Clear Skin is made using the following certified organic ingredients: Nettle, Krishna Tulsi, Dandelion Root, Rosehip, Lemon Balm, Turmeric, Peppermint, Spearmint and Fennel seed.

2.5 oz. of Clear Skin is Packaged in a plant-based polymer lined and compostable paper bag.

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