2018 is ripe for new products, culinary tours and retreats to expand your passion for beauty, food, meeting amazing like-minded people and contributing to the common good. This year is about being happy and fully present with a focus on self-care and honoring your core values.

On The Menu For 2018:

Rum & Roses
Elisha’s private line of flower and herb infused rums for the skin are beloved and now it is time for you to experience their magic. Get ready what we call drunk skin. It’s kissably soft, youthful (HAPPY) and just gets better with age!

Elique’s Signature Candle
Years ago Elisha bought a pretty heart-shaped soap with a sexy fragrance that reminded her of a vintage past. The smell is just so divine and she saved it knowing that one day it would be the inspiration for Elique’s first signature candle. In February 2018, Elisha is en route to Paris to create a remarkable and classic fragrance with a master perfumer to launch a candle you won’t ever want to stop burning. Just you wait…

Cooking Classes, Farm Visits and Retreats, Oh My…
2018 will kickstart a series of events, classes and retreats to inspire a community of passionate seekers who have a love for farm-fresh food, fun and new adventures while learning how what we choose to consume can be the  quietest yet most powerful form of actvism that results in a significant and positive impact on the future of our planet.