Having a service, whether a facial or skin nutrition consult with Elisha will transform you. Her holistic approach honors the basic tenets of physiology, tending to stagnant energy, stimulating circulation and working out tension and tightness in the muscles of the face, scalp and neck while also layering on nutritive skin foods like infused honeys, warm oils and precious hydrosol waters and teas. The results are sculpted, lifted, glowing, dewy and incredibly soft skin. Elisha sees no need in hurting the skin with extractions, needles, harsh peels and injectables when the same exact results can be achieved from a combination of her incredible massage technique and a medley of the most delicious and luxurious ingredients.

A skin consultation with Elisha focuses always on both product and nutrition. Come with your questions and concerns and let Elisha guide you step-by-step toward a customized plan that will lead you directly to the results you are craving but cannot seem to achieve. Whether you have an extreme skin condition like acne or psoriasis or you just want to clean up your diet and skin care regimen, Elisha is here to create the accessible solutions you desire.

It doesn’t get any better than this!