Elisha believes that what we cream our bodies with on a daily basis is the most important product in our regimen and because of its consistent and repeated application, their ingredients will eventually find their way inside our body, so it’s important to have the highest standards! The job of your crème is to moisturize and also feed the skin to will boost its surface immunity and protect it against external elements.

The perfect cream? It’s velvety like pudding with a fragrance soft like the oils, berries, honeys, plants and flowers that it is made from and it nourishes every morsel of your body and spirit, absorbing quickly into the skin and leaving you glowing for hours. This is Elique.

Elisha’s clients call her creams  “The La Mer of organic beauty” and when she lived in Paris, her Parisian lady friends called them magic. Making extraordinary creams is what Elisha does best and they are at the heart of our brand and what will be our everlasting legacy. We think you will agree and cannot wait you for you to dip your fingers in, knowing that before long, you too will scoop in with a heavy hand and slather them from head-to-toe. It’s inevitable.

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