One thing Elisha loves as much as beauty is a mystery so it was only natural that her curious mind would lead her to vanity collectibles from an era past. Once bitten she was enchanted forevermore in their story waiting to be told. Just happening upon a beautiful piece from the Palais Royal circa 1890 or 1930’s Art Deco period evokes such a curiosity for their history and then, what a thrill to the imagination to open a perfume bottle with fragrant remnants of a mysterious lady’s eu de parfum or a compact with traces of fragrant powder but a mirror fogged and unclear as if to keep some things secrets still.

Elisha’s passion inspired her to create exclusive vanity collections for ABC Home and the Crosby Street Hotel in New York City. She believes every person should have a piece all their own and feel for themselves their forever essence, relishing too in the whimsy and delight of it all.