An Unforgettable Beauty & Wellness Experience

Can my skin glow naturally? Is my make-up healthy? Is my skin care routine damaging my skin? Answers to your questions plus simple and accessible guidance combined with realistic goals are all yours! Elisha’s tried and true skin care techniques, massage modalities, Ayurvedic wisdom and skin nutrition will leave you feeling and looking radiant, motivated and inspired to move forward with your new routines. Get ready for the real results you want and deserve.

Join Elisha in-person to experience her signature honey facial massage treatment, Lymphatic Drainage or a stellar brow session or online for a transformative beauty and wellness experience rooted in Ayurvedic wisdom, skin nutrition and holistic esthetics.

Online Skin Care & Wellness Consultations

On The Go Beauty

Is my make-up pore-clogging? How do I grow out my brows? Is my skin care routine healthy? On The Go Beauty lets you ask away during your 30-minute quickie session while Elisha responds with easy to digest advice and accessible solutions. 30-Minutes / $65

Head-To-Toe Beauty

Head-To-Toe Beauty dissects your skin care routine to see where you are on point and where to make changes so you can remedy your skin woes and experience a healthier and happier skin. Scalp issues? Adult Acne? Chronic Dry Skin? Not to worry. Elisha has the tried-and-true solutions for you. 60-min / $135

From The Inside Out Beauty

From The Inside Out Beauty is a thorough intake of your nutrition, morning and evening routines, sleep habits and career and family demands and uses Ayurveda's core tenets to guide you toward healing where it is needed most.
75-minutes / $165
3 Sessions $425

In-Person Beauty & Skin Care Services

Signature Sculpt & Lift Honey Facial

Look ten years younger with Elisha's signature honey facial. Treat your skin to warm tea compresses, infused warm honeys and precious flower waters while Elisha's Sculpt & Lift massage techniques define the jaw & cheekbones, lift the brow and de-puff the eyes. The results are undeniable. 60-Minutes / $175

Full Body Waxing

Experience the technique that put Elisha's Get Waxed salon in Venice Beach on the map and recognized her as the "Best Of" in every major national beauty mag. Her technique is painless, dignified and thorough, removing ingrown hairs along the way while showing you how to do the same at home and care for your skin post-wax.
TEXT 424.361.8100 TO BOOK

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Speed up your skin's healing process post peel, micro-needling or other invasive treatment or surgery. MLD is also ideal for limiting acne, eczema and rosacea flareups. It de-puffs, calms and brightens the skin using no product, just therapeutic touch. Elisha is a Dr Vodder Certified MLD Therapist.
60-minutes / $165

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