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What is the shelf life of Elique Organics’ products?
Elique recommends using our creams within four months and making sure lids are always sealed tight and your hands are clean and dry when dipping in. Some clients purchase many at a time and we recommend refrigerating the ones not in use. Taut does not need to be refrigerated but it feels excellent cold on the skin.

Sweet Honey Cleansers can last up to six months (but who still has product in their jar after six months?), but raw honey eventually crystalizes so your product may get hard and too gritty to use on the face. Smooth face oils are at their best within the first six months and hydrosols are best refrigerated when not in use. Your 16 oz. and 100 ml. hydrosols should be kept in the fridge and used to refill the smaller bottles that come with your order.

What do you use to stabilize/preserve your products?
Elique’s products are created with very high quality skin foods that not only nourish and beautify but also act as preservatives. Hydrosols, honey, beeswax food-grade grapefruit seed extract and vitamin E all offer amazing stability. Also, our packaging in Miron glass also helps to stabilize our products. Miron glass is created using a special technology which was first developed for energetic medicine and it’s secret is in its ability to block the complete spectrum of visible light with the exception of violet light and UVA light. This protects against ageing and oxidation caused by visible light, which lengthens the life of our beautiful ingredients and helps to increase their vibrational energy. Finally, because water is never used in our products, only hydrosols and Elique is made to order, our products are very low maintenance.

Do I need to refrigerate Elique Organics products?
If you are obsessed with our creams like many of our customers and buy three at a time, we suggest refrigerating what is not immediately being used. Otherwise no need unless your creams are in a very hot humid space.  Taut does not need to be refrigerated but feels amazing cold around the eyes, so try it and you decide. When purchasing 16 oz. Pampered pH hydrosol products, refrigerate those and fill your smaller jars from there.

I bought a cream but when I opened it, the cream was separated. Is it still good?
Yes, it is perfectly fine. Just take a clean dry finger and give it whirl. That should do it. Without synthetic emulsifiers, our products sometimes separate but mixing it up quickly brings everything together again.

Honeybees are in peril. Do you source sustainable honeybee products?
So much so that Elisha even took up Treatment Free Beekeeping in Los Angeles to better understand how to source honey responsibly and with the plight of the honeybee in mind. Elisha sources her honey from either her Farmer Friends in Ojai or Santa Barbara California or she buys honey from a trusted local natural grocer who has a relationship with beekeepers in Montana. Her Beeswax comes from her local beekeeper friend at the farmer’s market in Los Angeles or a trusted online source as a Plan B. The honeybee is Elisha’s best little buddy and she goes out of her way to make sure she is always getting the best product to then pass on to all of you. Read more about how we source our honey here.

What makes hydrosols so special?
Elisha is results-oriented and has been impressed her entire career with the extraordinary subtle power these healing waters have on the skin and entire body as well (yes hydrosols aid in the healing of everything from digestive disorders, fevers, endometriosis and you can even safely use cornflower directly in the eyes for a eye drop substitute.) What makes the relationship between hydrosols and your skin so ideal is they both have an acidic pH. From that foundation inflammation goes down and soft, firm, bright and hydrated skin follow. Elisha always says that hydrosols are the missing link to gorgeous and supple skin and soon, so will you. Just you wait…

Are hydrosols essential oils?
Let’s get this straight. Hydrosols ARE NOT essential oils. Essential oils are essential oils. Hydrosols are essential waters that are the bi-product of the essential oil distillation process. Hydrosols do have trace elements of essential oils in them, but hydrosols are definitely their own individual personality with their very own especially unique properties.

Do Elique Organics products contain essential oils?
The only essential oils Elique uses are Bulgarian rose and Bulgarian blue yarrow absolutes from our Bulgarian farmer friends. We also add a dash of cacao absolute and chamomile essential oil for a touch of fragrance in two of our face oils. We prefer the therapeutic and subtle powers of hydrosols instead.

If I have acne or another inflammatory skin condition, can I use Elique products?
The answer is yes, but Elisha is a practicing esthetician and recommends that anyone who is severely inflamed rely as much on what’s going on internally as what is being used externally. Product is just part of the solution. Nutrition is key. A skin consult with Elisha virtually or in person (LA, NYC & Paris) is the best option.

If I have acne or another inflammatory skin condition, what Elique products should I start with?
Pampered pH definitely. From there one of our creams and honey masks would be a great start.

Do I have to pay for shipping?
All orders over $125 get free shipping

What shipping method do you use?
Elique ships via US Post Office Priority Mail.

Why do you use styrofoam in our boxes to ship?
Elique only uses styrofoam because we are reusing what other companies send our way when shipping their products to us. We would rather not throw it in a landfill as you can imagine why so prefer to reuse it to protect your bottles and hope that you will reuse it too. Elique NEVER purchases styrofoam or even biodegradeable stuffing. If we have it, it’s because someone gave it to us.

Do I have to pay sales tax?
If you live in California or New York state, you do have to pay applicable sales tax.

Can I return my products if I do not like them?
Because we are a small boutique brand, we cannot at this time give a full refund for products ordered but will give you a store credit. If your skin is very sensitive we recommend sussing out our products with a sample before hand. Samples are available for creams and oils and can be purchased via the options on individual product pages. However, if you are completely unhappy, Don’t fret. Elisha is always open to discussing further your experience and a possible refund.

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