Custom Skin Care & Ayurvedic Wellness Consultations

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Elisha’s Background as a celebrated Esthetician, Holistic Chef and Certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor offer an experience unlike any other. Elisha’s clients have significant results and just the motivation they need to move forward with enthusiasm, connect more to their body, mind and spirit and tend to their needs in a slower and more thoughtful capacity. It doesn’t get any better than this. 

Complimentary 20-Minute Consult

Want clear and glowing skin? Want to stop wearing so much foundation and using harsh medicated topicals? Book a complimentary 20-minute consult now to jumpstart the first steps of your next chapter!
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Ayurvedic Skin Care & Wellness Sessions

  • The Complete Elique Skin Nutrition & Wellness Consultation 75-minutes $140 
  • Transform Your Skin With Elique’s The Simple Beauty Self-Care Regimen 45-Minutes $75
  • Are You Using the Right Products For Your Skin? 45-Minutes $75
  • Including Ayurveda in Your Lifestyle, Wellness & Beauty Routine For Glowing Results 75-Minutes $140
  • Know What’s Healthy For You According To Your Doshas & Seasons 75-minutes $140
  • Oh Tummy of Mine, It’s Time To Talk Digestive Health 75-Minutes $140

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Impromptu Quickie Consult

About to buy a new cleanser or cream but have no idea which one is best for your skin or preparing a new dish or shopping at the farmer’s market and need some quick advice? No Pre-Booking Needed. Just shoot Elisha a text seven days a week 10 a.m.-8 p.m PST 424.361.8100 15-Minutes $25 / Wellness Needed Now Sale Impromptu Consults are Donation-Based

It Takes A Village

Are you looking to create a healthier and more balanced family experience but not sure how to get your loved ones on board with your goals? It Takes A Village is a family gathering (yep teenagers and little ones too) so everyone’s concerns can be heard and Elisha, along with her team of practitioners when needed, can address them in a way that unites the family and makes all this “new-ness” fun, inspired and worth committing to. It Takes A Village requires a weekend (Saturday & Sunday) commitment from all members of the family. Each day is at-least 2.5-hours (depending on the size of the family) It Takes A Village Packages start at $550 
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Baby & The Bundle

Are you are expecting a little one and want help with your eco-baby shower registry? Are you looking to source the safest nursery essentials but are overwhelmed with all options? If only you knew when to spend top-dollar and when to spend less but luckily, we do and can’t wait to share what we know with you. Baby & The Bundle packages start at $250 
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What Elisha’s Clients Have To Say…

  • Elisha taught me how to take care of my skin when I had scarring, lots of blemishes and oily but very dry skin. I was kind of desperate at that time and was trying many products, even big natural brands that promised wonderful skin in few days. Nothing worked and I was using more and more products. At this time, Elisha taught me how how to properly care for my skin in a very simple and natural way without any products. The first time I cleansed my face using her method my skin felt cleaner than ever before. We used only a towel and hot water to compress, rose water and some olive oil. I did this for 3 months, every evening. She was just in Paris a few weeks ago and we both were amazed at how significantly my skin has changed. It's cleaner and brighter and I don't even wear make-up anymore (something that I couldn't imagine 3months ago). I feel more comfortable with my skin. Add to the perfect advice, Elisha gave me a facial massage too. What a magical hand she has. I just want to say THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING.

  • What can I say about my very first Authentic, REAL facial by Elisha that could not possibly turn into a mini book? However, keeping it short and sweet, her presence is electrifying, her HANDS MAGICAL and her wisdom and knowledge about skincare (internally and externally) is simply Amazing! A True facial massage as well as arms hands and feet. TOTAL RELAXATION. The after glow was blinding and continued through the week and is still amazing going into my 2nd week. Also, definitely can’t say enough about her SUPERB recipe of fresh brewed organic tea! Reach out and schedule with this Angel and I guarantee, you will never be the same on so many different levels. Mucho hugs Elisha and I cannot wait until my next appointment, which is more like an encounter! Namaste.

  • I'm sitting in the waiting room of my chiropractor's office and Jane Fonda just waked in, stopped, looked at me and said "Wow, what beautiful skin you have." I guess it was a really good facial yesterday.

  • I got an organic facial today with Elique Organics and it was outstanding. If you are in Los Angeles or New York, I urge you to schedule a facial with Elisha. Since having my baby, my skin has been out of control so I decided it was time I do something nice for myself. Honestly I was
    skeptical and not sure if I should spend the money on a “non-necessity” but I am so glad that I did. My mind is blown. I was pampered, it was relaxing, luxurious and my skin looks and feels amazing! I am low maintenance and not the girl to push products or treatments but THIS you should do! If I still lived in Los Angeles I would do this all of the time.

  • My skin is the clearest it has been in ages and I have Elisha to thank for that.
    I have been living with severe cystic and inflamed acne for some time and had no idea how to remedy it. Elisha gave me some easy and effective tips and advice; drink strong antioxidant tea every morning, limit dairy intake, ditch harsh drugstore cleansers and after sticking to this regimen for several months I am so happy to say I am breakout free! She gave it to me straight and helped me tackle an issue that was a source of embarrassment and insecurity for me.
    Elisha knows what she is talking about, I am so grateful we crossed paths!

  • My facialist/mentor/beauty guru/friend and garden goddess Elisha Reverby cured my skin woes with her midas touch. I went to see her before my travels explaining that I was having skin issues on my face and she told me not to fret and though I was taking in lots of red wine, dairy and coffee, she assured me I did not have to say goodbye to these foods forever but I definitely needed to give my body a break. She informed me I wasn't drinking nearly enough water either and that my Dr. Bronner's was too harsh for my face. After three weeks on a new regimen: healthy fats, L'uvalla cleanser, Elique hydrosols and facial oils and more water intake my skin issues are completely gone. Thank you angel. I look forward to another facial real soon.

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