Restore. Repair. Rejuvenate.


Honey Alchemy Facial

Deep facial massage. Tension relief head-to-toe.
Warm infused honeys, herbal compresses, hydrosols and precious oils.

Sculpt & Lift. Barrier Repair. Ultimate Hydration & Radiant Glow.

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Lymph Peace & Tranquility

Dr. Vodder Technique. A whisper of  touch purifies the blood,
calms the skin and soothes the spirit. Warm compresses & hydrosols.

Nervous System Support. Barrier Repair. Skin Brightening & Toning.


Crown & Mane

Warm compresses. Lymphatic drainage. Scalp and neck massage.
Application of warm infused honeys and hydrosols.
Soothe itching, burning, and purify the hair follicles.
Strengthen brittle hair and prevent breakage.


Cool frankincense, rose and cornflower compresses.
Kansa. Lymphatic drainage. 
Relieve dry, puffy & heavy eyes. Brightens dark undertones. Lift brows & lids. Smooth fine lines & wrinkles