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Compressing The Face

Compression ClothWant One Tip For Achieving The Skin Of Your Dreams? Compress your skin morning and night with our deliciously soft warm washcloth. It’s really that simple.

How To? Run your certified organic cotton cloth under warm to mild hot water, wring out and hold with open palms over entire face. Press, breathe and release, wiping off surface residue as you remove. Make sure to tend to jawline, creases of nose and chin and behind the ears. Repeat two more times.

Compressing Comes Before Anything Else In Your Regimen i.e. cleansing,  masking or any treatment. If your skin is sensitive, compressing may be all you need in the morning, always finishing with hydrosols though to bring your skin back to its natural acidic pH. Compressing boosts circulation, initiates lymph flow, warms the skin and makes for a simpler cleansing process that requires less product. The results speak for themselves.

Free Shipping on all orders $125+

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