Our First Pop Up

THURSDAY, JULY 26th, 2018 4:30 – 7:30 p.m.

Join Elisha for Sun Kissed! Sunset Spa on the Beach. We are partnering with our  friends at Beach Now who are known for curating a perfect beach experience for an evening of organic beauty talk, mini facial massage treatments and summer skin care advice as well as Elisha’s homemade farm fresh nibbles and sips too.

It will be too hot on the beach for the creams to come out and play but you can pick up the newest Elique Essentials like Spirit and Conquer  as well as many of your other beloved products all at 10% off.

Meet us under our tent at Brooks Avenue in Venice Beach 90291 – Ticket holders will receive a complimentary Elique Essentials Sampler Kit! See you on the sand.

Oh wait, did we mention the raffle valued at over $150! AMAZING!

On Becoming the Crème de la Crème.

I became obsessed with creams after a few core experiences that happened on my Elique journey… It started during my mentorship in product development with heavy hitters in cosmetic chemistry and manufacturing and then researching everything I would learn from them on my own. This was a time when no one was manufacturing organic, clean skin care and when you understand basic anatomy and physiology you understand that the skin needs nourishing skin foods to encourage a strong surface immunity and the best time to “feed the skin” was after cleansing when one is applying a cream or oil to the skin. This got me thinking…

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We Eat Way Too Much Meat!

It’s time for a little tough love folks.

I will never lecture anyone about their choice to eat meat. Instead, my work is to educate and inspire my audience to use food as a vehicle for living a healthy and happy life however when I do feel a moral obligation to give some tough love because I feel we are sabotaging the chances of a bright future, I cannot sit idly by. Continue reading

My Five Favorite Foods For Glowing Skin.

While our products play a role in how our skin appears on the outside do not underestimate the power of the foods you eat. From my 16-year career as a practicing esthetician I have seen skin transformed with an attention to certain foods, eliminating some and adding some really important ones. From my experience, I believe foods play more of a substantial role in your skin’s health, especially if you are experiencing any condition like acne, eczema, psoriasis and severely dry and dehydrated skin, than most products and this is why I always incorporate skin nutrition consults as a core therapy for my clients in need of real results that last a lifetime.

Below are my favorite skin foods glowing skin: Continue reading

For Lymph’s Sake Isn’t It About Time You Say Goodbye To Antiperspirant?

When I tell people that I rarely ever wear deodorant they look at me in disbelief and ask how on earth I go about my daily routine in sunny hot California without being stinky. In fact, they wonder how I smell so good. The answer is this guys. I never wore antiperspirant growing up because my mom would not allow it but I still wore commercial deodorant back in the day that had harsh ingredients like propylene glycol and fragrance (i.e. not perfume but often used as a covert term to hide noxious ingredients) and when I learned about those ingredients, I immediately did some research and realized I had to put myself on a deodorant detox if I ever wanted to rid myself of my awful conventional product! Continue reading

Still Drinking Plastic Bottled Water?
We Need To Talk!

I am so appreciative of the fact that I grew up in a home where health was a core value. My mom and dad have been notorious in the past for sending me newspaper clippings (now they’re virtual) about the future of food and wellness so it was no surprise that my dad emailed me the other day with an article about a new study’s findings about plastic bottled water being contaminated with micro particles of plastic. Though I do not drink plastic bottled water – unless I am at the airport and have no other option – I do use gallon jugs to buy my filtered water at the alkaline water store and now it’s the caps that are a major cause for concern.   Continue reading

Dull & Lackluster Skin? Take Note…

Being an esthetician, I have seen a lot of beautiful faces but sadly, those beauties are often afflicted with a dry, lackluster and lifeless tone. The great news though is that usually what your body is experiencing now is not a life sentence. With some simple, easy to apply advice, I have inspired my clients to begin practicing a new regimen that has allowed many of them to go from dull skin to glowing, radiant skin in a matter of minutes. How can this be? Well, it’s simple really.

It’s all about consistency.

Experiencing radiant skin happens when you commit to a consistent evening personal care regimen. So whether or not you choose to cleanse in the morning, what is most important is that you remove the dirt of the day every single evening and if you wear face makeup (especially foundation), it is very important to cleanse twice; one quick surface cleanse and another second, more thorough cleanse.

But Before You Cleanse, You Prep… Continue reading

Why It’s More Important To Source Treatment-Free Honey Than Local Or Organic.

In theory, eating local honey is a great practice. However with our changing times what is more important is to consume honey that was created by happy and healthy bees. The only way to achieve this is to ask your local beekeeper if s/he has a treatment-free practice.

What is a treatment-free practice? Well, it means that the beekeeper never, under any circumstances, uses acids, antibiotics or other unnatural chemicals in the hives to kill mites and “protect the immunity” of the honeybee. A treatment-free beekeeper believes in letting nature take its course and in nature, it comes down to the survival of the fittest. If the mites kill the bees, then so be it and if the bees survive the mites, well that means you have a really strong and healthy hive and that is something to celebrate. Continue reading

When It Comes to Beautiful Skin And A Healthy Body, Herbal Tonics Are Your Best Friend.

If you are one of my clients, you know that I am obsessed with drinking herbal teas and tonics. Apart from loading up on minerals, which allow your cells to absorb water and hydrate you on a cellular level – which equals GORGEOUS skin – sipping teas and tonics is a wonderful, inexpensive and simple way to load up on antioxidants and maintain a healthy immunity without having to always go the more expensive route of vitamins, supplements and fresh organic foods. If you’re budget is tight, herbal tonics cost pennies to make so whatever your paycheck looks like, you can still take care of your body.  Continue reading

Tired Of Feeling Sick And Bloated?

Gluten gets such a bad wrap but unless you have Celiac disease, why on earth are you not questioning the mass amounts of agro-chemicals and pesticides that are needed to harvest conventional wheat or the endless synthetic additives and soy isaolates that have not been proven safe for human consumption that are in your food?

Big Food has learned a thing or two from Big Beauty.

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