Raaka Chocolates… Oh How I Love Thee…

I am so happy to have found Raaka chocolates. They are not only soy free but a conscious brand that is as passionate about sourcing and sustanability and I am. Also, their product is insanely delicious and packaged beautifuly. Ooooh la la! Check out my favorite, The Bourbon Cask Aged 82% chocolate bar under my favorite things and definitely peruse their website to learn more about this badass brand. If you are in Brooklyn, you can even visit their site for a tour or a chocolate making class! Ummmm, Hello!


Colorful Food For Radiant Skin

The more colorful foods you include into your diet, the more antioxidants you infuse into your body. Antioxidants equals a fortified body and healthy immune system and all those fruits and vegetables with their trace minerals help your cells absorb all that water you are drinking! Now that’s the power of fresh and beautiful whole foods. Get some!

Pampered pH Sampler

Our Pampered pH Sampler epitomizes Elique in that it represents how effectiveness simplicity is when looking to achieve radiant skin. All you need are a few core products and hydrosols are definitely one of those must-haves! Then there is the aesthetic. Our gorgeous sampler is packaged by hand with all the small hydrosols snug in their tissue pouch and tied with simple twine. The box is finished with a card detailing the benefits of each precious water and then finished in a beautiful satin bow. Elisha’s favorite! Our impressive sampler is the perfect gift for the hostess or friend who has everything. And men love it too. Thank goodness because they need healthy skin care too.