Now Is The Perfect Time For A Deodorant Detox!

When I tell people that I rarely wear deodorant they can’t believe how I go about my sunny California experience without being stinky!  The answer is my mom never allowed us to wear antiperspirant growing up because of the aluminum in the products but I did wear conventional deodorant and when I learned about the propylene glycol and fragrance (latter not perfume but often listed to hide noxious ingredients) in those, I decided to put myself on a deodorant detox . This was the only way to be rid of these awful products for good.

A LITTLE ABOUT YOUR LYMPHATIC SYSTEM: In summary, Don’t F’k around! Its primary function is to clean lymphatic fluid from infections and bacteria & deliver it back to the bloodstream and to produce immune cells! YOUR IMMUNE CELLS. Continue reading

Change These Three Things In Your Routine…


There are quite a few tweaks we can make in our skin care routine to start having everlasting results but right now I want to focus on three that may be preventing you from having the results you are looking for AND that you deserve!

Before I break them down I want to remind you that you can always transform your skin but that will take consistency, knowing why you are using products and how to use them. Instead, I see more of us buying lots of product, unpacking it and having little clue why we are using them, how to use them or even if the ingredients are good for our skin. Are we even reading the ingredients. A perfect example is using retinoids, having micro-needling and invasive medical spa facial treatments during the spring/summer or buying “the best” spf  without a clear understanding of the difference between an SPF 30 and 50 or how a physical and chemical sunscreen protect our skin in very different ways (ever  wonder why you got a sunburn even though you were so good at reapplying your sunscreen?).

ONWARD TO THOSE THREE MISHAPS that could be the Big Three that are preventing you from soft & supple skin!

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I know how convenient wipes are and how much you love them. I get it because I love wipes too and have even created a line of wipes to maybe launch down the line but here’s the thing! Store-Bought cleansing / makeup / baby / disinfecting wipes are a massive burden to the planet and a constant foe to your skin, limiting its ability to be radiant and healthy because it is fighting this daily battle while creating exactly the dry, sensitive, congested and inflamed skin that you don’t want.

When it comes to our Mother Earth (and Her wellness should be as much a priority as our own), there are two major reasons why wipes are incredibly burdensome.  The first and “The biggest environmental problem with makeup remover wipes is the sheer volume,” says Diana Felton MD, state toxicologist with the Hawaii Department of Health. “One group estimates that 20 million pounds of single-use wipes (including baby wipes and disinfecting wipes) are disposed of every day in the U.S. And despite claims to the contrary, most are not biodegradable and do not rapidly break down, creating too much trash to fit in our landfills.” That last sentence is important because 1) “despite claims of biodegradability” means we do not know if we can even trust the product and what it says itself to be and 2) if there is too much to fit in landfills then clearly that overflow is drifting elsewhere… think rivers, oceans and streams as well as nature’s land-masses and natural open spaces like fields, forests, mountain trails & valleys.

The second major reason why wipes are destructive to Mother Earth is that the majority of them (and  yep, even the most popular ones who knowing their influence choose to ignore their ethical responsibility to do better) are made from non-biodegradable plastic fibers like polyester, polypropylene, and rayon. These fibers contaminate the environment and block waterways after becoming massive molten and gooey blobs that become so unmanageable that they cannot be removed and are resilient to wastewater treatment.

Now let’s talk about what these wipes are actually doing to your (and your baby’s) skin…

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Align With The Beauty, Vibration & Therapeutic Power Of Rose

Roses have been revered, beloved and written about since the earliest of ancient worlds and have remained an everlasting symbol for passion, love, spirituality and healing. No matter the culture or religion, roses are always connected to Divinity. GOD and Love. Both Hinduism (the oldest religion in the world) and Buddhism consider rose as a symbol of spiritual joy. In Greek mythology, the white rose was said to have arisen from droplets of sweat from the prophet Mohammed and the red rose is stained with the blood of Aphrodite, cut by the thorns separating her from Adonis. Christian mystics believe the rose bloomed on the crucified body of Christ and in ancient India the Nightingales pressed against the thorns of the white rose at night to stay awake and delight the world with their birdsong. And according to Hindu mythology, Brahma and Vishnu debated about which was more beautiful, the rose or the lotus? They finally both agreed that there is no flower that can stand up to the rose as far as beauty and natural wonder are concerned.

White rose symbolizes purity and the red rose, beauty and even bloodshed in the name of love. The red rose symbolizes losing of one’s virginity and has had hidden messaging in fables and stories to signify revolution. And alas, there is the most ironic and symbolic contrast of the Rose in her velvety soft and intoxicatingly fragrant petals atop her thorny stems that will quickly pierce and even draw blood. Perhaps a metaphor for the pain and suffering that come with beauty and love? Not surprising that a rose, seemingly frail in her nature, is actually quite the hardy plant having exceptional longevity and an everlasting and more mature beauty season after season.

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Show Your Body Some TLC

Over the years, my clients have told me that they only use their beautiful creams and oils on their face and neck and don’t use them on the body because they are “too special” or “expensive”. But the worst part is when they tell me that they use “regular drugstore”, “Eucerin” or “Whatever lotion I have” on the body because clearly, for some reason, they value the skin on the body much less than the skin on their face. But it’s all skin and it all needs nourishment to protect from the elements ~ in your body’s case those are your clothes, that before you wear them, are sprayed with a multitude of industrial chemicals and then after you wash them hold on to residue from detergents and fabric softeners that interact with your skin on a daily basis. It also bears the brunt of hot showers, harsh soaps, perfumed washes and shampoos and conditioners that trickle down the back… If only it could experience the same daily dose of beautiful oils, creams and hydrosols that your face does.

The GREAT news is that these conversations with my clients (YOU!) helped inspire Elique’s NEW Bath & Body Collection. Let’s face it, all of your skin needs some TLC because it will either prematurely age or age gracefully and that outcome will come down to neglect or tending to. It’s your choice. 

Though this collection is still blooming there are already a few standouts if you are ready to experience how supple and ageless ALL OF YOU can truly be. Continue reading

What is Kansa & Why Is It Such An Exceptional Healing Tool?

Kansa is a metal made of a copper and tin alloy (bronze) and a Kansa wand is a  hand-held therapeutic tool with that bronze forming a dome-shaped head used for massaging the body, face, head and feet.  Our Kansas are lead-free, which is significant because copper and tin are two principal metals that are alloyed with lead. Alchemy is a at the core of Ayurveda’s 5000+ year old history and Kansa, when prepared with traditional techniques and processes is believed to be one of the most innovative and healing alloys to date.

WHAT IS AN ALLOY? An alloy is a combination of metals or a combination of metals and non-metals. A Kansa worth using should always be made without other substances, filler metals or lead.

KANSA MEANS HEALING METAL and healing it is! It energizes the body while reducing stress. Kansa is tri-doshic i.e. stabilizes all doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha. This stability allows more opportunity for living a long, healthy and spirited human experience.

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From Spring To Summer
~ Tips For Transitioning Into Your Summer Beauty & Wellness Routines ~

Every new season comes with atmospheric and environmental changes so adapting with seasonal skin care, lifestyle and diet routines will allow our body to be in sync with the natural world around us. This is when the magic happens.  Also, I recommend asking yourself if you are or have been intuitively feeling a change for different products, foods or lifestyle habits and if so I would start including some of them into your summer routine.

Below are ten easy steps for transitioning into your summer skin care routine: Continue reading

Crème Vert Is A Wellness Hero

We are so honored to be featured as one of Amy Hastanan’s essential products in the latest Modern Luxury Hawai’i. This is what Amy had to say:

“Crème Vert by Elique Organics is a beautifully crafted food-based line that I am loyal to for life. My skin craves [founder] Elisha Reverby’s quality of ingredients. I have trusted her with my skin since I was 18 years old when we met in the East Village. She spoke, then and even more now, so eloquently and passionately about skincare that I have followed her progression and company growth for the past 22 years. I am completely inspired by her dedication to ethical craftsmanship and environmental stewardship. When sourcing ingredients, Elisha’s standards are impeccable.”⠀

Thank you Amy. We think you’re pretty impeccable too. If you are in Oahu definitely try to book in with Amy for a transformative and powerfully healing bodywork session at her The Manoa House . Read the full article here. 


White Label Products & Conscious Consumerism

The beauty industry is filled with smoke and mirrors, cover-ups and false-narratives that it has used to sell products since the business of beauty was created. One such is the make-believe image that behind every beauty brand is a team of formulators, laboratory scientists, plant whisperers and skin care gurus working around the clock formulating your favorite products from scratch using beautiful botanical ingredients. The truth is that most top-rated and even smaller Indie brands depend on generic laboratories to research, produce, and package their products using base formulas and standard raw material suppliers. Nothing special about it.

Herein lies the concept of “White Label.” Continue reading


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