Know When To Walk Away. True Faith And Empowerment Comes When You Do!

It has been a whirlwind month that began early December with a lot of frustration living in LA without a space to host my clients (and forget hosting editors or A-List clients). When I closed my salon in Venice after seven amazing years and two years in another space, I began seeing clients in my flat. This was something I would have never considered in the past but I had clients to host and at the time there was no alternative.

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Meet Our New Beekeeper Friend, Alisha Taff!

I am so excited have access to Rock Front Ranch honey for all of Elique’s products. Beekeeper, Alisha Taff was introduced to me by Larry Kandarian of Kandarian Organic Farms. I was in search of a local and pristine honey that I could use in our products and knowing my high standards, Larry immediately referred me to Alisha.

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The Beauty of Vitamin B’s!

Very rarely do we hear about the beauty of Vitamin B’s and the essential role they play in achieving radiant skin and optimum health of the entire body.

There are eight B vitamins in the B family and because they are all water soluble, they are eliminated through your urine and must be replenished either with supplements or foods. Only when you begin depending on them to nourish your body will you begin to see true results manifested on the surface of your skin.

Below is an introduction to each B vitamin but it is most important if you decide to take a supplement to take a B-Complex as opposed to an individual B vitamin to avoid creating a deficiency or imbalance. For example if you decide just to take biotin for luscious hair and strong nails you are left unable to absorb vitamin B5, creating deficiency that leaves your skin vulnerable to breakouts. Also please consult your wellness practitioner,  especially if you are taking any pharmaceutical drugs as there may be contraindications.

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What You Are Getting Wrong About Your Inflamed Skin.

When I meet clients with inflamed skin, whether rosacea, acne, pimples or eczema they are looking for a reason and a solution and more often than not, they see product as both the culprit and the answer. I have to tell you now that seeing your skin’s health through this very narrow lens will never allow you the long-term results you are looking for and while product can definitely inflame an already sensitive and reactive surface of the skin, it is most definitely not the root of the problem. I mean, why is your skin so reactive to begin with? Continue reading

Retinoids. What To Know Before You Start…

The first thing to know is that both Retinol products and a prescribed Retinoic Acid are Retinoids and before using one, learn the differences and be clear about why you want to go down this path to begin with. The more clear you are with your goals and your understanding of the many products available to you, the more successful you will be using them.

Before slathering  any of these on your skin, think about why you want to use a Retinoid. Is it to brighten skin afflicted with hyper-pigmentation, reverse sun damage, improve collagen production or clear your acne? Be specific as certain skin conditions are better suited for specific Retinoid products.

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Our First Pop Up

THURSDAY, JULY 26th, 2018 4:30 – 7:30 p.m.

Join Elisha for Sun Kissed! Sunset Spa on the Beach. We are partnering with our  friends at Beach Now who are known for curating a perfect beach experience for an evening of organic beauty talk, mini facial massage treatments and summer skin care advice as well as Elisha’s homemade farm fresh nibbles and sips too.

It will be too hot on the beach for the creams to come out and play but you can pick up the newest Elique Essentials like Spirit and Conquer  as well as many of your other beloved products all at 10% off.

Meet us under our tent at Brooks Avenue in Venice Beach 90291 – Ticket holders will receive a complimentary Elique Essentials Sampler Kit! See you on the sand.

Oh wait, did we mention the raffle valued at over $150! AMAZING!

On Becoming the Crème de la Crème.

I became obsessed with creams after a few core experiences that happened on my Elique journey… It started during my mentorship in product development with heavy hitters in cosmetic chemistry and manufacturing and then researching everything I would learn from them on my own. This was a time when no one was manufacturing organic, clean skin care and when you understand basic anatomy and physiology you understand that the skin needs nourishing skin foods to encourage a strong surface immunity and the best time to “feed the skin” was after cleansing when one is applying a cream or oil to the skin. This got me thinking…

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We Eat Way Too Much Meat!

It’s time for a little tough love folks.

I will never lecture anyone about their choice to eat meat. Instead, my work is to educate and inspire my audience to use food as a vehicle for living a healthy and happy life however when I do feel a moral obligation to give some tough love because I feel we are sabotaging the chances of a bright future, I cannot sit idly by. Continue reading

My Five Favorite Foods For Glowing Skin.

While our products play a role in how our skin appears on the outside do not underestimate the power of the foods you eat. From my 16-year career as a practicing esthetician I have seen skin transformed with an attention to certain foods, eliminating some and adding some really important ones. From my experience, I believe foods play more of a substantial role in your skin’s health, especially if you are experiencing any condition like acne, eczema, psoriasis and severely dry and dehydrated skin, than most products and this is why I always incorporate skin nutrition consults as a core therapy for my clients in need of real results that last a lifetime.

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For Lymph’s Sake Isn’t It About Time You Say Goodbye To Antiperspirant?

When I tell people that I rarely ever wear deodorant they look at me in disbelief and ask how on earth I go about my daily routine in sunny hot California without being stinky. In fact, they wonder how I smell so good. The answer is this guys. I never wore antiperspirant growing up because my mom would not allow it but I still wore commercial deodorant back in the day that had harsh ingredients like propylene glycol and fragrance (i.e. not perfume but often used as a covert term to hide noxious ingredients) and when I learned about those ingredients, I immediately did some research and realized I had to put myself on a deodorant detox if I ever wanted to rid myself of my awful conventional product! Continue reading