What is Kansa & Why Is It Such An Exceptional Healing Tool?

Kansa is a metal made of a copper and tin alloy (bronze) and a Kansa wand is a  hand-held therapeutic tool with that bronze forming a dome-shaped head used for massaging the body, face, head and feet.  Our Kansas are lead-free, which is significant because copper and tin are two principal metals that are alloyed with lead. Alchemy is a at the core of Ayurveda’s 5000+ year old history and Kansa, when prepared with traditional techniques and processes is believed to be one of the most innovative and healing alloys to date.

WHAT IS AN ALLOY? An alloy is a combination of metals or a combination of metals and non-metals. A Kansa worth using should always be made without other substances, filler metals or lead.

KANSA MEANS HEALING METAL and healing it is! It energizes the body while reducing stress. Kansa is tri-doshic i.e. stabilizes all doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha. This stability allows more opportunity for living a long, healthy and spirited human experience.

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From Spring To Summer
~ Tips For Transitioning Into Your Summer Beauty & Wellness Routines ~

Every new season comes with atmospheric and environmental changes so adapting with seasonal skin care, lifestyle and diet routines will allow our body to be in sync with the natural world around us. This is when the magic happens.  Also, I recommend asking yourself if you are or have been intuitively feeling a change for different products, foods or lifestyle habits and if so I would start including some of them into your summer routine.

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Crème Vert Is A Wellness Hero

We are so honored to be featured as one of Amy Hastanan’s essential products in the latest Modern Luxury Hawai’i. This is what Amy had to say:

“Crème Vert by Elique Organics is a beautifully crafted food-based line that I am loyal to for life. My skin craves [founder] Elisha Reverby’s quality of ingredients. I have trusted her with my skin since I was 18 years old when we met in the East Village. She spoke, then and even more now, so eloquently and passionately about skincare that I have followed her progression and company growth for the past 22 years. I am completely inspired by her dedication to ethical craftsmanship and environmental stewardship. When sourcing ingredients, Elisha’s standards are impeccable.”⠀

Thank you Amy. We think you’re pretty impeccable too. If you are in Oahu definitely try to book in with Amy for a transformative and powerfully healing bodywork session at her The Manoa House . Read the full article here. 


White Label Products & Conscious Consumerism

The beauty industry is filled with smoke and mirrors, cover-ups and false-narratives that it has used to sell products since the business of beauty was created. One such is the make-believe image that behind every beauty brand is a team of formulators, laboratory scientists, plant whisperers and skin care gurus working around the clock formulating your favorite products from scratch using beautiful botanical ingredients. The truth is that most top-rated and even smaller Indie brands depend on generic laboratories to research, produce, and package their products using base formulas and standard raw material suppliers. Nothing special about it.

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It’s Kapha Season
Part II & III
Kapha Attributes & Food / Lifestyle Do’s & Dont’s

In Part I of this Kapha series I gave a basic lesson on doshas, their qualities and locations in the body, why it’s important to be mindful of vata no matter what and the impact seasons have on our body/mind/spirit experience.

In this Part II & III I will go into more specific detail about kapha, its attributes, how they manifest and the food and lifestyle do’s and dont’s that will ensure a healthier and happier kapha season. So, let’s get to it. Continue reading

It’s Kapha Season!
A Basic Understanding of Your Three Doshas, The Impact Seasons Have On Them & Why No Matter What Vata Always Plays A Starring Role

This three part series is meant to share some important fundamental lessons so you can better understand kapha’s qualities, strengths and weaknesses and the routines and adjustments that will best support this dosha during its prime vulnerable season, end of winter-early spring. This also serves as an introduction to a mid-march class (date not set yet. see more at end of this post) that I will be hosting with Dr. Bhavna Singh who was one of the instructors in my Summer Wellness Series last year.

So, before we go deep I want to make sure you have a footing on your three doshas, their qualities and elements and a basic understanding of Ritucarya, the seasonal behaviors and routines that Ayurveda recommends. Also, this first post emphasizes why it is so important to tend to your vata dosha no matter what season or month it is (I cannot stress this point enough) and though it may be tricky to create a balancing act between two polar opposites like kapha and vata it is indeed possible and luckily I’m here to break it down for you.

So with that said, let’s begin…

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Saint Valentine Would Be Proud!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I have to say that I was more excited about Valentine’s Day this year after having this fun T-shirt to wear, my sweet lil doggie Noodle to hang out with AND knowing that Saint Valentine is a Patron Saint not just for lovers but for beekeepers too. I think this is now one of my favorite holidays.

You guys know how much I love honey and how I source only from beekeepers that allow their bees to be bees. There is no interference, no antibiotics or acids in their hives, no diets of sugar because they took all the honey to sell and no working their bees in monocultures and out of their natural habitat… My network of beekeeper friends would make Saint Valentine proud indeed.
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Using Plant Oils To Repair & Restore Your Skin Barrier.

While plant oils have been used throughout time in the kitchen and in certain cosmetics, it is only more recently that they are being taken more seriously for restoring the skin’s balance and helping to heal many skin diseases.

Common oils like olive, sunflower seed, coconut, sesame, avocado, borage, sweet almond and rose hip are anti-inflammatory and have nourishing effects that promote wound healing while also repairing the skin’s barrier. If your skin is chronically stripped of its natural barrier, your first line of immune defense is not much of a defense after all.

The skin’s barrier function is primarily dependent on the integrity of the surface layer of the skin and with it constantly encountering a daily onslaught of unhealthy external stimuli, injuries and/or infections happen that can lead to wounds, premature skin aging and even skin cancer. If you are suffering from inflammation, it is happening in response to a damages skin barrier. So, if you are using tons of products or even a few, but they are old, cheap and mass-produced ones made with industrial chemicals, you are definitely compromised. The good news? Knowing that maintaining a healthy barrier of the skin not only has you looking radiant and absolutely gorgeous but you are protected against foreign substances entering the body and causing infections and even disease. Way more important than how you look right?

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Baby It’s Cold Outside
My Top Five Winter Skin Care Tips

TIP # 1 On cold and windy mornings, do not wash your face before leaving the house. Instead do three rounds of compressing and then use a warming oil like sesame to cleanse. Wipe skin when done with a warm washcloth. ***Yes do this even if you have acne or blemishes***

WHY? Starting the day with your natural sebum barrier and all its fatty acids and proteins instead of stripping it off with harsh products is important when you are going from cold wind to the office to the car heater back to cold wind and more heat indoors. All of this extreme temperature change will wreak havoc on your unprotected skin and leave it feeling dry, dehydrated and rough. Save your deeper cleanse and more thorough skin care routine for the evening. Continue reading

If You Do Three Things In Your Morning Routine…

Maintaining a consistent morning routine with all the bells and whistles can be challenging but don’t fret. Just because you don’t have the amount of time to spend every morning on your self-care routine doesn’t mean that you have to skip it altogether. In fact, doing just a few key things instead of many can boost a healthy mindset and have you looking and feeling your absolute best. You may even notice that the quality of your sleep is better too. So let’s get to it… Below are my top three essential morning routines:

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