My Top Five Tips For Living A Healthier Lifestyle
~and they don’t involve food~

Let’s be honest, you can eat all the quinoa in the world but if you’re eating it while stressed, anxious or unable to be present in your day-to-day experience, its benefits are going to be minimal, if at all. I suggest that while you are in the practice of eating cleaner and healthier foods or you are leaning toward this lifestyle, you keep in mind that for a more profound and sustained experience it is equally important to slow down in your life, including when you chew, and take the needed time to nourish your mind and spirit too. This calm and ease are what’s going to help you not only digest life as it comes at you but also all the beautiful fresh foods you are eating along the way.

MY TOP FIVE TIPS are simple and offer tangible results that allow you to trust the process, build some genuine confidence in your abilities and inspire your continued lifestyle of health and happiness.  Continue reading

Look Out For Your Honeybee Friend!
How To Shop Thoughtfully for Honey.

Eating local honey is touted as the only honey you should ever buy but in our modern day, does this rule of thumb still reign supreme? With honeybee populations in peril and every person needing to do their part to help out, you may find yourself living in Los Angeles abut buying honey from Montana.

This is when engaging with your beekeeper, whether at the farmer’s market or by visiting their website online matters! and there. Email them or call their customer service numbers and ask them the questions below and when it comes to commercial brands or cereals like Honey Nut Cheerios, don’t waste your time. Start off being selective and from there you will get very close to meeting your standard.

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7 Simple Self-Care Tips For Achieving
A Happier & Healthier Body.

We get so caught up with our day-to-day that often we neglect our own health and well-being. While that may work in our 20’s and maybe even early 30’s, eventually this lack of TLC will catch up to us. Taking a preventative approach to our healthcare with simple practices that we can incorporate daily is the way to go.

Below are 7 of the easiest ways to care for the body. They are not only simple, but they are accessible too, meaning there is relatively no adjustment and anyone, no matter how inexperienced, can feel comfortable incorporating these tips in their lifestyle.

Success is always about progress not perfection so begin with just one new practice and do it consistently until it becomes habit. From there include a second until that becomes routine and then a third….Demanding too much of yourself immediately usually leads to a faster decline so go slow and have fun in the process.

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The Paralyzing Fear Leading Up To My Breast Exam.

The months leading up to my breast ultrasound were awful.  I could not sleep. I was anxious, worried, afraid and cried a lot. I was paralyzed by my fear. Then to top it off, being in my mid-40’s, my body is changing and my breasts are so sore all of the time. My emotions are a mess and then I had a rash under my left (lymph side) armpit and at the airport the TSA agent “saw something” under that left armpit that she had to check again with her hand-held scanner. Also, since I was young I have always had a HUMUNGOUS (is this how you spell it) fear of hospitals, down to the lights, smells and color of paint on the walls. I am afraid of doctors and illness and so the past few months I have been swimming in “facts” and my own terrifying story.

I felt alone in my fear. I have had cystic breasts since I was a teenager and it was when I was 17 that my OB-GYN recommended that I always have ultrasounds instead of mammograms as a precaution.

I haven’t had one in a few years and so the past few months my worry consumed me. It seems everywhere I turn someone has cancer and I’ve read that breast cancer has little to do anymore with one’s family history. Now there are so many other factors that play a role that even people with no family history of breast cancer are getting it. Continue reading

Keeping Your Eyes Healthy And Strong In A Digital World.

Living in a digital world adds enormous stress on our eyes that if ignored will prematurely age and damage our eyes.

Imagine lying in the direct sun, day after day, without sunscreen. Your skin would inevitably burn, itch, dry out and eventually it would be left much that vulnerable to disease.  Well this is what is happening to our eyes when we expose it to hours of blue light and glare on our phones and computers without the proper care and protection.

The pain that happens to our eyes when staring at computer and phone screens is similar to what happens to wrists and hands with carpal tunnel syndrome.  These are both repetitive motion injuries and for our eyes, when they follow the same path over and over they become more strained.

Working on a computer or staring at a phone means our eyes have to focus and refocus all the time while also moving back and forth to read. Also you may have to look down and then back up to type while the entire time your eyes react to the changing images on the screen so your brain can process what you are seeing and we do all this without blinking. This requires tremendous effort from our eye muscles and to make matters worse, unlike a book, our screens add contrast, flicker, and glare.

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Know When To Walk Away. True Faith And Empowerment Comes When You Do!

It has been a whirlwind month that began early December with a lot of frustration living in LA without a space to host my clients (and forget hosting editors or A-List clients). When I closed my salon in Venice after seven amazing years and two years in another space, I began seeing clients in my flat. This was something I would have never considered in the past but I had clients to host and at the time there was no alternative.

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Meet Our New Beekeeper Friend, Alisha Taff!

I am so excited have access to Rock Front Ranch honey for all of Elique’s products. Beekeeper, Alisha Taff was introduced to me by Larry Kandarian of Kandarian Organic Farms. I was in search of a local and pristine honey that I could use in our products and knowing my high standards, Larry immediately referred me to Alisha.

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The Beauty of Vitamin B’s!

Very rarely do we hear about the beauty of Vitamin B’s and the essential role they play in achieving radiant skin and optimum health of the entire body.

There are eight B vitamins in the B family and because they are all water soluble, they are eliminated through your urine and must be replenished either with supplements or foods. Only when you begin depending on them to nourish your body will you begin to see true results manifested on the surface of your skin.

Below is an introduction to each B vitamin but it is most important if you decide to take a supplement to take a B-Complex as opposed to an individual B vitamin to avoid creating a deficiency or imbalance. For example if you decide just to take biotin for luscious hair and strong nails you are left unable to absorb vitamin B5, creating deficiency that leaves your skin vulnerable to breakouts. Also please consult your wellness practitioner,  especially if you are taking any pharmaceutical drugs as there may be contraindications.

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What You Are Getting Wrong About Your Inflamed Skin.

When I meet clients with inflamed skin, whether rosacea, acne, pimples or eczema they are looking for a reason and a solution and more often than not, they see product as both the culprit and the answer. I have to tell you now that seeing your skin’s health through this very narrow lens will never allow you the long-term results you are looking for and while product can definitely inflame an already sensitive and reactive surface of the skin, it is most definitely not the root of the problem. I mean, why is your skin so reactive to begin with? Continue reading

Retinoids. What To Know Before You Start…

The first thing to know is that both Retinol products and a prescribed Retinoic Acid are Retinoids and before using one, learn the differences and be clear about why you want to go down this path to begin with. The more clear you are with your goals and your understanding of the many products available to you, the more successful you will be using them.

Before slathering  any of these on your skin, think about why you want to use a Retinoid. Is it to brighten skin afflicted with hyper-pigmentation, reverse sun damage, improve collagen production or clear your acne? Be specific as certain skin conditions are better suited for specific Retinoid products.

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