I know how convenient wipes are and how much you love them. I get it because I love wipes too and have even created a line of wipes to maybe launch down the line but here’s the thing! Store-Bought cleansing / makeup / baby / disinfecting wipes are a massive burden to the planet and a constant foe to your skin, limiting its ability to be radiant and healthy because it is fighting this daily battle while creating exactly the dry, sensitive, congested and inflamed skin that you don’t want.

When it comes to our Mother Earth (and Her wellness should be as much a priority as our own), there are two major reasons why wipes are incredibly burdensome.  The first and “The biggest environmental problem with makeup remover wipes is the sheer volume,” says Diana Felton MD, state toxicologist with the Hawaii Department of Health. “One group estimates that 20 million pounds of single-use wipes (including baby wipes and disinfecting wipes) are disposed of every day in the U.S. And despite claims to the contrary, most are not biodegradable and do not rapidly break down, creating too much trash to fit in our landfills.” That last sentence is important because 1) “despite claims of biodegradability” means we do not know if we can even trust the product and what it says itself to be and 2) if there is too much to fit in landfills then clearly that overflow is drifting elsewhere… think rivers, oceans and streams as well as nature’s land-masses and natural open spaces like fields, forests, mountain trails & valleys.

The second major reason why wipes are destructive to Mother Earth is that the majority of them (and  yep, even the most popular ones who knowing their influence choose to ignore their ethical responsibility to do better) are made from non-biodegradable plastic fibers like polyester, polypropylene, and rayon. These fibers contaminate the environment and block waterways after becoming massive molten and gooey blobs that become so unmanageable that they cannot be removed and are resilient to wastewater treatment.

Now let’s talk about what these wipes are actually doing to your (and your baby’s) skin…

The industrial and synthetic chemicals in wipes are probably worse than the ingredients in your other skin care products and I say that because while you may look to avoid phthalates, triclosan, and parabens these endocrine disruptors and skin irritants are all in your wipes (which you use regularly). And, if that were not enough, many of these products recommend that you don’t need to rinse afterward leaving that residue to linger and wreak havoc on your face, hands and baby’s bum.

And then to make matters worse, you are using these to wipe, tug and rub around your eyes, an especially fragile and vulnerable area already stressed from modern elements getting in the way of any semblance of comfort and balance. You want a brighter eye with softer lines, right?

So, can’t talk about problems without offering solutions, and I have a few for you:

IN SUMMARY it’s about time we swap out commercial wipes for soft cotton ones instead. 4×4’s are the perfect size for drenching in hydrosols or warm water. Wring out, put a few drops of oil or a dollop of crème on top and swipe across face, neck, décolleté  and eyes.

And, rest assured, our wipes are 100% cotton, gentle on the skin and the planet. Yep, you can compost them.

Let using these be your new healthy habit.


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