Every precious Elique Organics ingredient is sourced in collaboration with Mother Earth, her seasons and the bounty she wishes to share with us. From our farmer friends, hydrosol distillers and all of our suppliers who work tirelessly to ensure we receive a fair-trade, sustainable and ethically sourced product, we thank you and we are forever humbled by the blessing of our coming together to create something special for the world. Exactly what nature intended.

Our plant oils are always certified organic, and unless otherwise noted, extra virgin meaning never processed with heat and industrial chemicals and never winterized or deodorized. We exclusively source from three trusted suppliers unless we find an extra-special product that meets our standards.

Our beautiful honeys are supplied by a treatment-free beekeeper that never compromises their immunity by working them in monocultures for profit. Acids, antibiotics and other "medicines" are strictly prohibited in the hive and her bees are never fed a diet of sugar or high fructose corn syrup. The honey we receive is surplus honey only, meaning what is left after leaving plenty for the to get them through the coming seasons.

Her bees travel within the pristine interior of the Las Padres National Forest, a geographically isolated area that provides unpolluted air, rainwater and a rich bio-diversity of native flowering plants where her bees can harvest nectar and pollen. They produce the finest, most healthful honey that is always 3rd party tested and free of glyphosate contamination. Glyphosate is a widely used herbicide used in Roundup that is a known carcinogen. It also erodes soil, waterways and natural ecosystems. The honey we use is warmed just enough (the same temperature as the hive) to flow and pour. It is screened, not filtered, making sure it is still rich in the active pollens, enzymes and beneficial compounds that promote well-being.

Elique strongly prohibits the use of Royal Jelly in any of our products. This is the only food the Queen Bee consumes and to take it from her is not only cruel but it leaves her malnourished which leads to a weak and vulnerable hive. Our ethical beekeeper friends believe there is no such thing as"sustainably harvested" royal jelly and we couldn't agree more.

Our hydrosols come from distillers in the western United States and France that guarantee a sterile process from still to bottle. We have been sourcing from our U.S. Suppliers for close to twenty years. While some may argue that hydrosols must be preserved with a synthetic, we disagree. Our expanded experience working with hydrosols has proven that what ensures their stability is a concentrated attention to the entire sterile process of handling plant matter, distillation and packaging. Hydrosols of this quality, are self-preserving. Our customer is free to add a few drops of vodka or rum to their product if that puts their mind at ease. Once you receive your hydrosol, please store it per our recommendations. This will also guarantee a shelf-stable product.

Our Crèmes are preserved (and have passed preservative challenge testing) with our own cocktail of sunflower based tocopherols and grapefruit seed extract. We currently do not use "natural" or "organic" emulsifiers because most of them are palm oil based. It is increasingly difficult to trace the integrity of palm oil products considering the corruption and modern day slavery attributed to this agriculture. We choose to steer clear. We have years of technique and experience making luxurious feeling and stable creams and our organic beeswax consistently makes a perfectly creamy and intact product.

We are connected to nature in more ways than one could imagine .For example, our microbiome and the microbiome of plants contain many of the same lipids (fatty acids, cholesterols, waxes, oils...). For example, palmitic acid, a fatty acid found in our skin's barrier is the most common fatty acid found in nature and is shared among all plants and animals. , This is why consuming and applying Quality plant oils delivers such amazing benefits.

We trust nature and the gifts she gives us and are truly aware of how effective these ingredients can be in their simplest, least processed form. It is these plant-based ingredients that allow your transformative results. Our role is slight in comparison.

We are a sought-after brand with a strong point of view. We have no desire to sacrifice our vision and core standards and every intention to keep our carbon footprint light, making products to order and choosing retail partners based on our mutual values. All of this eliminates waste of our Mother's precious skin foods and inspires our customer to believe more in quality, simplicity and being a mindful consumer. This is beauty everlasting. This is Elique Organics.