About Our Products

Elique’s founder Elisha Reverby is an esthetician and chef who was taught from early on that quality mattered more than quantity and so there may not have been plenty of something, what was available, whether food or the shoes she wore was always the best. No compromise.

Even though Elisha has been cooking with her mom and grandmother from an early age, Elique being a chef inspired brand didn’t take form in a cohesive way until 1999, when she worked front of house for Jean Georges Vongerichten. Watching Chef create the most delicious and beautiful foods from few standout ingredients, a masterful technique and little manipulation inspired what she could never articuate for what she wanted to do with Elique. Observing Jean Georrges in his element encouraged her dreams and confidence to rely on that same foundation: technique, quality and simplicity. This is why Elique shines in her most authentic expression and  this essence allows for a product unlike any other. 

Elisha has impeccably high standards when it comes to sourcing ingredients. Our honeys come from beekeeper friends that maintain an ethical practice and are mindful first of the plight and health of our honeybee friends. Acids or other chemicals are never used in the hives, their bees are never fed a diet of sugar or high fructose corn syrup and only surplus honey is harvested from the hive, meaning only what is left after making sure the hive has plenty, is taken for human consumption. Lastly, our beekeeper friends would never exploit the honeybee for profit, sacrificing her immunity in the process by forcing her to pollinate monocultures that are sometimes hundreds of miles away from their natural environment. Honeybees thrive in a diverse space with nectars and pollen from a variety of flowering plants. 

Our precious hydrosols are certified organic and come from either Washington State or Santa Barbara and our oils are chosen for their clean extraction process, superior taste and character and most of the oils included in our Beauty & Brains collections come from Elisha’s farmer friends in Southern California. The vitamin E we use to stabilize our creams is in a non-gmo soy based oil and our grapefruit seed extract is food-grade. Our berry seed oils, after years of searching are finally certified organic; the blackberry seed coming from France and red raspberry seed from Washington state. By spring 2018 we will also have access to certified organic virgin blueberry seed oil. This one has been so hard to find and we are so excited to have it for you. 

Elisha chooses ingredients with the same standards as she would the food she puts in her body.They are either certified-organic, fair trade, sustainable and/or wild and come from trusted and respected farmers, distillers and suppliers that Elisha has come to know over the course of her entire career. When someone new joins the Elique family, like the Bulgarian rose farmer friends that supply our rose absolutes and waxes, blue yarrow and apricot kernel oil, Elisha let’s her experience and intuition guide her in that important decision making process. She is also making more time for farm visits in the U.S. and abroad.

It is because of her standards and integrity that ensure Elisha will never cut corners and will always remain a boutique and sought-after brand. We have limited products because we respect the great challenges facing Mother Nature, so if that means we have to maintain a production that honors Her first, we happily oblige.