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It was when Elisha worked front of house for world renowned chef Jean Georges Vongerichten and had the opportunity to observe him in action that her dreams to create a beautifully-crafted food based line of skin care seemed possible. She was encouraged by his foundation:a strong technique, quality of ingredients and simplicity. Let the ingredients speak for themselves.

When sourcing ingredients, Elisha’s standards are impeccable. Honeys come from treatment-free beekeepers that are mindful first of the health of our honeybee friends. Acids or other chemicals are never used in the hives, bees are never fed a diet of sugar or high fructose corn syrup and only surplus honey is harvested (meaning only after ensuring the hive has plenty do the humans get). They also never exploit their bees for profit and sacrifice their immunity by working them in monocultures that are often hundreds of miles from their natural environment. 

Our beekeeper friend Alisha Taff keeps bees at the pristine interior of the Las Padres National Forest, a geographically isolated area that provides unpolluted air and rainwater and a rich bio-diversity of native flowering plants where her bees can harvest nectar and pollen. They produce the finest, most healthful honey that is always 3rd party tested and FREE of GLYPHOSATE contamination. Her honey is warmed just enough (the same temperature as the hive) to flow and it is screened, not filtered, Making sure active pollens, enzymes and healthful compounds are available to promote wellbeing.

Our hydrosols and oils are always certified organic and chosen for their superior processing and finished product. PLEASE NOTE: Our hydrosols are not preserved with synthetic preservatives or food-grade alcohol at this time. We source fresh distilled product from distillers that guarantee microbiological cleanliness and though in the future we may add a food-grade alcohol like vodka to ensure more long-term stability, we will not add this to our Cornflower, which we use around and in the eyes.

Our vitamin E is non-GMO soy based and after years of searching, we finally were able to find gorgeous certified organic berry seed oils too.

It is because of Elisha’s standards and integrity that her products offer such amazing results. Some products are seasonal because we honor Mother Nature and her bounty and happily oblige her boundaries.

We are a sought-after boutique brand that is not mass-produced. We have chosen to be a privately owned brand to avoid having to sacrifice our vision and standards. We keep our carbon footprint light using only glass for our packaging and ordering ingredients as we need them to avoid any waste of natural materials. And of course, these ingredients come from our farmer friends that have mutual core values. This is integrity. This is clean & simple beauty. This is Elique Organics

Free Shipping on all orders $125+

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