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~ Every precious Elique Organics ingredient is sourced in collaboration with Mother Earth, her seasons and the bounty she wishes to share with us. From our farmer friends, precious oil suppliers, hydrosol distillers, and all of our global artisans who work tirelessly to ensure we receive a fair-trade, sustainable and ethically sourced product, we thank you and we are forever humbled by the blessing of our coming together to create something special for the world. Exactly what nature intended.

It doesn’t stop here. So many of your favorite skin foods, especially those delicious fatty acid rich plant oils come from all over the globe and it is Elisha’s commitment to keep growing and traveling to meet her suppliers once the international borders reopen. As we grow from creating customized skin care for our private clients to now making gorgeous products for all of you, it is our responsibility to ensure that our ingredients are sustainably sourced and the workers are treated as generously and lovingly as we treat those that share this Mother Earth with us.

Working front of house for world-renowned chef, Jean-Georges Vongerichten and observing him in action motivated Elisha and encouraged her dreams for creating a food-based luxury skin care line. A strong technique, sourcing the most impeccable and beautifully handled ingredients and letting them speak for themselves with as little manipulation as possible is his ethos as well as every great chef and the bedrock for which we also build our gorgeous creations. 

Our Honeys are supplied by treatment-free beekeepers that honor the plight of our honeybee friends. They are not worked for profit in monocultures that compromise their immunity. Acids and other treatments in the hive are always avoided and bees are never fed a diet of sugar or high fructose corn syrup. And, our honey is surplus honey, meaning only after the hive has plenty do we get any at all. 

Our beekeeper keeps bees at the pristine interior of the Las Padres National Forest, a geographically isolated area that provides unpolluted air and rainwater and a rich bio-diversity of native flowering plants where her bees can harvest nectar and pollen. They produce the finest, most healthful honey that is always 3rd party tested and FREE of GLYPHOSATE contamination. Her honey is warmed just enough (the same temperature as the hive) to flow and it is screened, not filtered, Making sure active pollens, enzymes and healthful compounds are available to promote well-being.

Our hydrosols come from Washington State and France and because we source from distillers that guarantee sterile process from still to bottle and they are handled as such when we receive and fill your product, we see no need to compromise these gorgeous essential waters with a preservative. Once you receive your hydrosol and store it per our recommendations you are guaranteed to always benefit from a shelf-stable product. You can definitely add a food-grade alcohol like vodka or rum to ensure long-term stability. 

Currently our vitamin E is non-GMO soy-based but we are currently looking for a sunflower based Vitamin E. Stay tuned!

Our plant oils are all certified organic, virgin and cold-pressed. Our berry seed oils come from Washington State and France.

Plants and people have more in common than you may think. We are made with so many of the same fatty acids, lipids, waxes, vitamins, fluids and so on…. Honoring this synergy with a superb quality of  ingredients is why you are able to have such transformative results.

We are a sought-after brand that chooses a boutique approach rather to a mass-produced business model to avoid sacrificing our vision and core standards. We keep our carbon footprint light, making products to order and choosing select retail partners that align with our values to avoid waste of these precious natural materials. This is integrity. This is clean & simple beauty. This is Elique Organics.

Free Shipping on orders over $125 ~ All Orders Ship Within 7-10 Business Days.

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