About Elisha

Elisha Reverby’s career in organic beauty spans over twenty years. She is creator of Elique Organics and is a CA and NY state Licensed Esthetician, Dr. Vodder Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage therapist and Student of Ayurveda at Southern California University of Health Sciences. She is also a sought-after chef and Farmers Market Groupie, hosting tours at her local farmer’s markets and meal prep / cooking classes.

Elisha’s experience being raised by a progressive food fighter mom with core values rooted in the healing power of foods, directly influence how Elisha lives her life and advises her clients. Elisha has transformed the most troubled skin and witnesses first-hand how diet and one’s lifestyle play a significant role in the health of her clients. She has created simple ways for her clients to digest her advice and apply it on a day-to day basis to achieve the everlasting results they are looking for.

For seven years, Elisha owned Get Waxed, an award-winning organic waxing boutique, off Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice Beach. Get Waxed was recognized as the Best in LA by Allure, LA Weekly and InStyle magazine and has been featured on ABC News, Z Living Channel and Vogue magazine. Elisha has created Limited Edition collections for Crosby Street Hotel and ABC Home, both in New York City and Elique has been featured in WWD, CNN, Huffington Post, Los Angeles Times, Lucky Magazine, Jewish Woman magazine and Edible Westside.

Elisha is a philanthropist and makes time in her busy schedule to create wellness days for disadvantaged adults and youth and every Christmas and Thanksgiving, with the help of her clients, Elisha makes homemade delicious food and purchases toiletries and other essentials to the homeless communities in Venice Beach and West LA.

When not in Los Angeles, Elisha is in Paris curating her Paris Carousel Collections for clients and maintaining business and personal relationships.

Elique Organics is a sought-after boutique brand that will always remain in Elisha’s hands.
No compromise.

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