About Elisha

Elisha Reverby is a practicing Esthetician and Chef de Beauté whose experience in both beauty and food spans over two decades. Elisha transforms her client’s skin with both luxurious products and nutrition.

Elisha’s experience as a chef and being raised by a progressive food fighter mom with core values rooted in the healing power of foods, directly influence how Elisha lives her life and advises her clients. Elisha has transformed the most troubled skin and witnesses first-hand how diet plays a significant role in skin health. She creates simple ways for her clients to digest her advice and apply them on a day-to day basis for immediate results.

Elisha is results-oriented and her passion for quality ingredients, simplicity and attention to detail are what make everything she touches a success and are the foundation for Elique Organics. This is a sought-after, boutique brand that will always remain uncompromised and in Elisha’s hands.