I knew in 1991 that I was going to create a natural skin care brand, even though for more than ten years I couldn’t find anyone to formulate my products. So I spent years researching and learning how to make my own products. I saw from the very beginning where beauty was headed and how natural beauty was going to propel the industry forward. I wasn’t going to let my lack of experience or money stop me but my mindset, imposter syndrome and fears definitely held me back. So yes, it took me way longer and yes, I witnessed much of my vision materialized by others, but at the end of the day, every amazing success Elique has had, and there have been many, I created from my resourcefulness, determination and knack for making a gorgeous kick-ass product! 

I am a licensed Esthetician, Dr. Vodder certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage therapist and Certified Ayurvedic Health & Wellness Educator. I was born entrepreneurial, dreaming up businesses since I was young and at 21 years old I put my experience as an amazing home-cook to use and started a successful catering business cooking for Warner Brothers, Geffen Films and Tommy Hilfiger. Later, I moved to Los Angeles, and opened Get Waxed, an award-winning organic waxing salon, off Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice Beach. We were voted the Best in LA by Allure, LA Weekly and InStyle magazine and featured on ABC News, and in Vogue magazine. Soon after I was creating Limited Edition collections for Crosby Street Hotel and ABC Home, in New York City. 

Elique has been featured in WWD, CNN, Huffington Post, Los Angeles Times, Lucky Magazine, Jewish Woman magazine and Edible Westside to name a few…

I currently live in Los Angeles and spend my free time kissing and snuggling my dog Noodle,  reading a great who-dunnit, cooking, taking a road-trip and studying. I am passionate about my self-growth, creating healthy communities and inspiring you to be healthier and happier. I look forward to owning a mountain property where I will invite urban farmers and beekeepers to play on the land while I grow food, distill hydrosols, host retreats and offer a home to any animal that needs one.


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