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Now Is The Perfect Time For A Deodorant Detox!

When I tell people that I rarely wear deodorant they can’t believe how I go about my sunny California experience without being stinky!  The answer is my mom never allowed us to wear antiperspirant growing up because of the aluminum in the products but I did wear conventional deodorant and when I learned about the propylene glycol and fragrance (latter not perfume but often listed to hide noxious ingredients) in those, I decided to put myself on a deodorant detox . This was the only way to be rid of these awful products for good.

A LITTLE ABOUT YOUR LYMPHATIC SYSTEM: In summary, Don’t F’k around! Its primary function is to clean lymphatic fluid from infections and bacteria & deliver it back to the bloodstream and to produce immune cells! YOUR IMMUNE CELLS.

Lymphatic fluid transmits protein molecules, salts, glucose and other substances. The lymphatic system houses the tonsils (which filter bacteria before digestion) the adenoids, located at the back of the nose to protect the digestive system and lungs. Adenoids are responsible for the spleen and thymus that scan the blood, producing those essential immunity cells. Clearly the lymphatic system is a process that you do not want to interrupt.

One prime lymph territory for excreting waste is at your armpit, located right alongside your breast tissue. Bonding this area with aluminum means you are hoarding waste there and burdening your body with accumulated toxins.

We don’t need a PhD in microbiology when we have common sense. The more antiperspirant you use, the more toxins you store so every time you don’t wear it, they are excreted and you smell GD awful and are desperate for more product. a most codependent relationship indeed. See sweat doesn’t smell. In fact it is antimicrobial. What smells is waste.

So, What’s  To Do? A Deodorant Detox Of Course!

HOW TO: On the short and sweet side of it, don’t wear antiperspirant or any deodorant with propylene glycol, parabens and fragrance. This is the detox.

But Wait, How On Earth…?

Will You Smell? You betcha – especially if you have been wearing anti-perspirants, have a meat-heavy diet, smoke cigarettes and eat lots of processed foods – but, if you are getting how important it is not to mess with your lymphatic system, you’ll keep reading…

While you’re detoxing, wear a natural deodorant like Soapwalla (My personal favorite) and carry lavender essential oil in your bag to dab on when you really need it. Also, take bathroom breaks throughout the day and pat your armpits with a damp paper towel and your essential oil! Trust me when I tell you that the end result will motivate you on the stinkiest of days. I promise!

AND, Make sure to hang out with people that love you and wont judge you for being stinky.  If they can’t hang, they’re not your friends. This is your health we are talking about. And to minimize your stink factor avoid as much conventional meat/dairy/processed foods as possible for the next month and take in more fresh greens!

And if you are worried about stinking at the gym or at yoga, ummm everyone smells in gyms and yoga studios so why be insecure there? Think of these places instead as the safest of  smelly havens to go to during your detox.

OK, Then What?

The day will come when you wake up one morning, shower, get dressed and go to work. After work you may even meet friends for drinks and even spend a little time with your hunny and then it’s going to hit you. You don’t smell. AT ALL! An entire day to and fro, out and about and not a whiff of unpleasantness. You made it through to the light. Yep, you’ve given your body the time and process it needed to eliminate all of that waste. From here, you’ll find, just like me, you rarely need deodorant and when you do, one as natural and pure as Soapwalla will do forevermore…



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Free Shipping on orders over $125 ~ All Orders Ship Within 7-10 Business Days.

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