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Change These Three Things In Your Routine…


There are quite a few tweaks we can make in our skin care routine to start having everlasting results but right now I want to focus on three that may be preventing you from having the results you are looking for AND that you deserve!

Before I break them down I want to remind you that you can always transform your skin but that will take consistency, knowing why you are using products and how to use them. Instead, I see more of us buying lots of product, unpacking it and having little clue why we are using them, how to use them or even if the ingredients are good for our skin. Are we even reading the ingredients. A perfect example is using retinoids, having micro-needling and invasive medical spa facial treatments during the spring/summer or buying “the best” spf  without a clear understanding of the difference between an SPF 30 and 50 or how a physical and chemical sunscreen protect our skin in very different ways (ever  wonder why you got a sunburn even though you were so good at reapplying your sunscreen?).

ONWARD TO THOSE THREE MISHAPS that could be the Big Three that are preventing you from soft & supple skin!

MISTAKE #1 – WASHING YOUR FACE IN THE SHOWER. The last thing that dry, inflamed, blemished and itchy skin needs is to be rubbed down in the shower with cleanser while it is being drenched in hot water, steam, suds and fragrance from soaps, body wash, shampoos and conditioners. Instead, wash your face a few minutes after the shower and notice the difference this little tweak in your routine makes and don’t towel dry. Press that water into the skin.

MISTAKE #2 – NOT RINSING YOUR FACE after using micellar water and/or cleansing wipes. the ingredients in both of these products are not what your skin wants sitting on it day after day… What your skin does want is for us to stop putting ingredients on it that make it have to fight an unwanted battle. Your skin has enough to do and fighting off unhealthy product should not be added to its long list. And on the topic of rinsing,  you are barely getting your other cleansers off with that fast cold (or warm) rinse either. A quick splash or two of water isn’t going to completely remove your product’s ingredients and instead, rushing through the rinsing is going to leave irritating residue on the surface day after day, week after week… Slow down, rinse well and palm the water into the skin. This is the best way to finish the cleansing process.

MISTAKE #3 – TRYING EVERYTHING but not sticking with one or two things long enough for your skin to rebound. We are so quick to want results even after months and even years of a chronic skin condition but your body doesn’t work that way. There are no quantum leaps. Your skin (body) needs to reset after an unhealthy experience so try a healthy, less-is-more skin care routine and give it time to actually work before introducing anything else.

Start here, stick with it and begin to relish in your body’s intelligence and ability to bounce back. And definitely book your complimentary skin consult to create a customized skin care routine that works. Guaranteed!



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Free Shipping on orders over $125 ~ All Orders Ship Within 7-10 Business Days.

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