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There is little more comforting than feeling the sun’s warm rays  on your body but there is a correct way to soak them up so your skin is protected at the same time. And yes, it is irresponsible for “experts”  to demand that we wear sunscreen without educating us on how to do that correctly (because there is a correct way). 

First Up – A brief lesson on the difference between a physical sunscreen that contains Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide as their active ingredients and the active ingredients in a Chemical Sunscreen like oxybenzone, octinoxate, octisalate and avobenzone. A physical sunscreen deflects UV rays right off of the body and can be applied to the skin and protect it in real-time whereas a chemical sunscreen works on a cellular level, protecting you from the inside out and needs about 20-minutes to work. This is a product that should never be applied at the beach in the sun because you are left unprotected for 20-minutes. And, if you are on retinoids or having peels/medicated facials with exfoliating acids, you definitely should be using a physical sun screen.

And, what about that number on your SPF? Well, I can tell you an SPF 50 is not stronger than SPF 25. Because you have to reapply an SPF for it to be effective, this number helps you figure out when you should reapply. Ask yourself how long it would take for any part of your body to burn at the height of a summer day 10-3 pm without any SPF.  If the answer is five minutes, take that 5 and multiply it by the number on your sunscreen and in minutes that number is when you want to reapply. HOWEVER this can also be misleading. An SPF 50 at 5 minutes burn is 250 minutes – that’s over 4 hours without reapplying SPF. Not smart if you are at the beach, in the water and sunbathing. Play it safe in this scenario and reapply every 2 – 2.5 hours.

And keep in mind that the higher the number, the more likely that the product is a chemical, not a physical sunscreen. Read your ingredients and make sure they meet your standards AND that you are protected in real-time. Use zinc or non-nano titanium dioxide. Keep this simple. Don’t go nuts trying to figure it out.

And what about after the sun? Après Sun is just as important because your skin fought a battle for you all day long and is weathered with free radical activity. Balance your experience with free radical scavenging nourishment like amalaki, green tea, rose hip, raspberry, blueberry, carrot and papaya to name a few. Preorder Our NEW Seasonal Summer Skin Care Collection that includes exactly the quality of skin care your body wants this coming season. Save 20% off the launch price (you pay $138 instead of $176) and get our NEW Skin Soothing Balm for FREE. Wooohoo. And  for now? Get our favorite SPF on sale before we run out. XO


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Free Shipping on orders over $125 ~ All Orders Ship Within 7-10 Business Days.

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