White Label Products & Conscious Consumerism

The beauty industry is filled with smoke and mirrors, cover-ups and false-narratives that it has used to sell products since the business of beauty was created. One such is the make-believe image that behind every beauty brand is a team of formulators, laboratory scientists, plant whisperers and skin care gurus working around the clock formulating your favorite products from scratch using beautiful botanical ingredients. The truth is that most top-rated and even smaller Indie brands depend on generic laboratories to research, produce, and package their products using base formulas and standard raw material suppliers. Nothing special about it.

Herein lies the concept of “White Label.”

We deserve and expect better and often spend extra money for our “Holy Grail” product but sadly, it is just the same product, just repackaged than so many others floating the market.

Yes, a wide range of cosmetics marketed under different brand names and sold at different prices may all come from one manufacturer.

What is a White Label Product?

A white label product is from a formula that is researched, created, packaged by one company, and sold to another company for rebranding and repackaging. Usually, the purchasing company customizes the product and markets it with its brand name. White labeling has always been a thing in the beauty biz but because privately-owned skin care brands are taking center stage and customers want more personalized products, it’s only now that people are shedding light on it.

Why Do Some Brands Depend on White Label Products?

Launching a business is challenging, and the beauty business is no exception. You’ll need patience, consistency, lots of testing and trials to get a formula right. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with the gift of patience and dedication. Also, many founders aren’t always committed to the long-term vision nor do they have a strong point of view about what their brand represents and a story that goes with it. Often, it is about churning out products and that’s why beauty enthusiasts who plan to delve into the skincare world go directly for white label products.

A case in point is aestheticians, influencers, and celebrities who want to get a slice of the multi-billion dollar beauty industry. These individuals may prefer to leave the “tough job” to cosmetics chemists because it saves time, reduces production and marketing costs and allows for a steady supply of products.

The Dark Side of White Labels.

While white label products might relieve a company of the burden of production, they might be doing more harm than good.  This post is a definitive guide on how generic labels affect you, your brand, and even the environment.

Unidentified Ingredients

When you go through many skincare products’ labels, you’ll discover a long list of ingredients that are difficult to pronounce, their origins unknown and the practices employed by the suppliers

Despite being labeled as “organic” or “botanical,” some of these products are far from such. White labels lure customers by “greenwashing” them. Greenwashing entails misleading your customers that your product is natural, healthy, and environmentally safe when it is not. Some white labels use little or no natural ingredients in their formulations yet claim that the whole formula is natural. Also, it is common practice to see such brands deceiving consumers that their products are produced using recycled materials.

Toxic Formulation

One of the downsides to using white label products is that they may contain toxic chemicals that can harm the skin and body. It’ll surprise you to see the number of harmful substances masquerading as preservatives, foam boosters, fragrances, and emulsifiers in these so-called organic products.

Non-Personalized Products

With white label products, you can only expect a product that is “one-size-fits-all.” Products are released into the beauty market without the consumer’s skin condition or other needs as a consumer in mind. However, a natural skincare formulator can tailor-make formula to meet individual skincare needs ranging from oily to acne-prone skin, source responsibly while avoiding certain ingredients altogether and make products in smaller batches to prevent waste.

Environmental Impact

The packaging of white label products can wreak havoc on the environment considering a lot of it is plastic, which not only takes centuries to decompose but less than 10% of plastic gets recycled. Plastics may breed some disease-causing microbial organisms.  Also, the industrial chemicals used in the manufacture of many of these products are washed down the sink to water bodies, killing aquatic animals and polluting the atmosphere. Many white label products also use low-cost materials, one of such is palm oil, used in many industry standard emulsifiers. The constant demand for palm oil in the beauty industry has led to deforestation and altered climates.

The Solution to White Label Products: Sustainability

Although it might be impossible to eradicate white label products, you can switch to more environmentally-friendly cosmetic options. Here’s how;

  • Opt for beauty lines that use 100% natural ingredients in their formulation.
  • Go for brands that have been certified to be truly natural by trustworthy bodies and agencies.
  • Choose brands that use only sustainable cosmetic ingredients.
  • Cut down on the use of plastic packaging
  • Use brands that have a sustainability report, strong point of view in regards to their values and sourcing methods and avoid ingredients like palm oil, “rare” botanicals or ingredients from the Amazon. Unless a brand can ensure they are sustainable and are completely transparent about these practices and values, it would be best to shop elsewhere.

If you are contemplating switching from your skincare arsenal for a more reputable clean beauty brand, our range of beauty products is a good start. Products are manufactured in-house using environmental-friendly and pure ingredients. We source from suppliers that we trust and have built relationships with over the years. We are a unique beauty brand with a strong point of view. Our customer deserves the best and it is our mission to give it to them.

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