Saint Valentine Would Be Proud!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I have to say that I was more excited about Valentine’s Day this year after having this fun T-shirt to wear, my sweet lil doggie Noodle to hang out with AND knowing that Saint Valentine is a Patron Saint not just for lovers but for beekeepers too. I think this is now one of my favorite holidays.

You guys know how much I love honey and how I source only from beekeepers that allow their bees to be bees. There is no interference, no antibiotics or acids in their hives, no diets of sugar because they took all the honey to sell and no working their bees in monocultures and out of their natural habitat… My network of beekeeper friends would make Saint Valentine proud indeed.

In Ayurveda honey is mixed with medicinal herbs and used as an anupana i.e. carrier to bring those nutrients deep into the body’s tissues. As a sweetener it is considered astringent and slightly drying and is most beneficial for Kapha primary dosha people and for all of us in the late winter and spring when Kapha dosha starts accumulating in the body. The qualities of honey stabilize Kapha’s load.

And of course we know how sweet it is on the tongue and how nourishing and beautifying it is on the skin… It is a humectant, drawing moisture to the skin and quelling inflammation. It is loaded with nourishment to strengthen the skin and the gluconic acid and hydrogen peroxide found in honey make it a fantastic anti-bacterial deep cleanser for even the most sensitive and inflamed skin conditions. It is also used in hospital burn units and as a very effective wound healer.

Honey is delicious magic but it must be sourced responsibly and with consideration to the honeybee’s plight in nature and modern agriculture.

When you think of how hard all those sweet honeybees work, how they live and die to care for and protect each other and then after all that work they come back to the hive and create honey not just for themselves but for us too. In fact, they are the only insect on the planet that makes food for humans to eat.

It’s no wonder that Saint Valentine’s had extra love for beekeepers. They are the caregivers for these Divine’s little lovers and givers to humankind. And while a honeybee lives for at most seven weeks, her little time here on earth is everlasting. She harvests, travels, nurses the young, acts as an undertaker to move out her hive mates that have passed on… She constructs, guards, protects and builds and then does things like use her wings to create air conditioning or heat for the hive. All of her love creates a safe and nurtured space that is united and in complete harmony.

Though a bee is born to work and has no choice to take on these specific duties, what she represents is unconditional love. Just watching them in their hive can teach us so much about community and the importance of loving and protecting those in it. And while not every insect has a heart, a honeybee does have one! And hers beats Big Love Beats and her generosity is something we should always remember when we consume her nectar. CLICK HERE to learn more about shopping responsibly for honey.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our beekeepers, sweet honeybee friends and to you.


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