Baby It’s Cold Outside
My Top Five Winter Skin Care Tips

TIP # 1 On cold and windy mornings, do not wash your face before leaving the house. Instead do three rounds of compressing and then use a warming oil like sesame to cleanse. Wipe skin when done with a warm washcloth. ***Yes do this even if you have acne or blemishes***

WHY? Starting the day with your natural sebum barrier and all its fatty acids and proteins instead of stripping it off with harsh products is important when you are going from cold wind to the office to the car heater back to cold wind and more heat indoors. All of this extreme temperature change will wreak havoc on your unprotected skin and leave it feeling dry, dehydrated and rough. Save your deeper cleanse and more thorough skin care routine for the evening.

TIP #2 Palm your face throughout the day. How To? Take a little lady’s room break, wash your hands and rinse off all of the soap. Don’t dry hands with a towel, instead, with open palms hold them to your cheeks. Take a few seconds while you breathe in and out. Run hands again under warm water and palm your forehead and nose or wherever you see chapped redness. Doing this a few times during the week will soften and immediately calm any redness on the surface of the skin.

WHY? This act of touch is very soothing to all the nerve endings and blood vessels in the skin. This sensory experience quells redness too and after doing this for a bit, you will notice not just a softer skin but a less reactive one that responds more beautifully to the elements.

TIP #3 Get comfortable to the idea of cleansing your face with oils during the winter. You will not regret the results! The more we can layer creams and oils on our skin, the more protected and softer our skin will be. And even if you have acne or blemished skin you can use oils sparingly too to balance any medicated treatments and cleansers.  

WHY? Think of it, oil is used in almost every leather and wood cleaner (both of which are skins) because it thoroughly removes dirt without harming the surface. Using them on the skin leaves it perfectly clean, toned and deeply moisturized at the same time.

TIP #4 Exfoliate! My favorite exfoliant in the winter is honey because it gives the most gentle yet deep cleanse while also retaining moisture and a soft surface on the skin. Always compress first and then work your honey onto the skin as if it was any cleanser. Remove with warm water. Do not towel dry, instead press water into the skin.

WHY? If you aren’t exfoliating, you are layering your gorgeous and often expensive creams and oils every day on top of rough and dry dead skin cells that your product definitely cannot penetrate to do its job and instead it just sits there on the surface adding to the buildup already there. Exfoliating allows that radiant skin that is hiding underneath to take center stage and allows your skin to absorb the gorgeous skin foods you put on it.

TIP #5 Drink your water.

WHY? The more hydrated you are the more hydrated and plump your skin cells are and the more gorgeous you will look and feel. Dehydration shows not just on the skin’s surface but also in the form of migraines, aches and pains and high blood pressure.

I hope this helps. Feel free to leave a comment and share your winter skin care tips too.


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