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If You Do Three Things In Your Morning Routine…

Maintaining a consistent morning routine with all the bells and whistles can be challenging but don’t fret. Just because you don’t have the amount of time to spend every morning on your self-care routine doesn’t mean that you have to skip it altogether. In fact, doing just a few key things instead of many can boost a healthy mindset and have you looking and feeling your absolute best. You may even notice that the quality of your sleep is better too. So let’s get to it… Below are my top three essential morning routines:

Tongue Scraping AKA Jihwa Prakshalana – Before you speak or take a sip of water definitely scrape the tongue. While we are sleeping our digestive system is working to prepare the body for elimination of toxins and some of them end up on the surface of our tongue. If we leave them there, they just gets reabsorbed back into the body and day after day of this can lead to digestive issues and a sluggish immune system. Scraping the tongue removes any bacteria, food debris, and dead cells from the surface of the tongue – by the way, brushing the tongue has the opposite effect as it just moves that debris around the mouth. Ayurveda also says that scraping the tongue can activate your salivary glands which allows for a more clear perception of taste and a more pleasurable experience with your food. And if you are suffering from bad breath and have “tried everything”, clinical studies have shown that tongue scraping can significantly reduce and remove the oral bacteria from all areas the tongue that may be causing your halitosis.

After scraping, try using a bitter herb dental powder to remove any excess Kapha (stagnant debris) from the mouth and help purify and strengthen the gums. Look for ingredients like neem and clove in your dental powder. Get Your Tongue Scraper Here

Warm Oil Application AKA Abhyanga – This is the practice that I cannot live without and where I experience the most profound results. Applying warm oils to the entire body will literally transform how your body and mind feels, will uplift your spirit and boost your immunity. Abhyanga will make your scalp healthier, your skin more glowy and your body less stiff and achy. Daily abhyanga settles and focuses the mind and helps your body eliminate waste on a more regular basis. Think of it as oiling the machine i.e. your body is a machine, complete with engines, pumps, valves and channels that all need proper tending to so they don’t create a host of issues later.  So how do you do Abhyanga? Start with organic sesame oil (not toasted) or coconut oil, both found in your grocery store. Put in a small glass bottle and place in a bowl of hot water. Once oil is warm, massage into the scalp and then onto the face, ears, neck and the rest of the body using downward strokes to move out any displaced Vata. Use open palms and a soft but firm pressure (use fingertips only on the scalp) and make sure that most of the oil has absorbed into the skin when you are finished. Then, hop in a not too hot shower, using just  enough soap to cleanse but not strip the skin.

Be Consistent With Taking Herbs, Teas and Remedies – Every morning I take a medley of nutrients. First and foremost there is chyavanaprash. I cannot live without it. Then I take Vitamin D, Zinc and a medley of powdered herbs that I whisk into my warm almond milk along with my herbal teas that I drink in the morning. I check in with my body and my Ayurvedic doctor every few months too and switch up where needed. Taking herbs and remedies on the daily helps you to overcome stress, adapt to the elements and seasons and regulate your body’s functions. The right nutrients restore and rejuvenate the body, boost immunity and strengthen the body’s ability to transform nutrients and remove waste. Try Our Rasa & Ojas Formula Here.

By doing these three things every morning I can guarantee that your body will begin responding a very positive way.  Please make sure that soothing and harmonious sounds are always playing in the background during your practice to purify your senses i.e. perception (no news) – If you need a little inspiration take a listen to my Uplifting Morning playlist on Spotify. Also, definitely no coffee or caffeinated tea on an empty stomach. Breakfast should be eaten after your shower (after abhyanga).

I hope this blog helps you feel more positive about being able to maintain your morning routine. While some wake up before the sun rises to do twelve sets of sun salutations and sit in mediation for 20-minutes, you can accomplish so much by doing these three steps . Oh, and always make “thank you” the first words that you say before even opening your eyes. We are so blessed to have an opportunity to live this human experience. Relish in it.



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