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Where Did Your Glow Go?

We’ve all been there. Our skin has been troubled, moody and seemingly lifeless for years but then we find the right products and the ideal routine and it comes alive with a glow and clear surface you haven’t experienced in years (or maybe ever). But then, after a month or two, the honeymoon period ends and the blemishes, redness and dryness come back. What went wrong?

If you have had chronic skin woes it is crucial to stick with your new products and routines that are helping your skin for the long run, not just a month or two. And while we all have off  days where we go to bed without washing our face, indulge in sugar, more caffeine than usual and cocktails with our friends, bouncing back to those helpful habits is more important than ever if we want to sustain our results and continue to have progress.

Below are some essential steps you may have taken to get to your new glowy skin but then also let fall to the wayside. If you want to get your skin back, it’s time to reconnect with these basics.


You may think that it’s okay to try that new cleanser or moisturizer after a few months of glowy skin but in most cases, nothing could be further from the truth. When it comes to skin care products and routines, consistency is key. There is just too much that can go wrong – i.e. introducing ingredients that aggravate the skin. Tread lightly when it comes to trying something new or neglecting to wash your face before bed and definitely keep the advice of online influencers and skin care experts in perspective. They don’t know your skin and what products and treatment plans are best for it so stick with what works.


If you have acne, blemishes or your pores are always easily congested, maintaining your skin’s progress depends on weekly or bi-monthly facial treatments. While we may not be able to see our esthetician during quarantine, we can contact them to see If they show us online how to give ourselves an effective facial at home.


If you experienced amazing results with your sad skin, I can be pretty sure that drinking more water or herbal teas had a big role to play in your progress. f you’ve slacked off, it’s best you get back in the game because being hydrated is one of the most effective tips for almost immediately noticing a happier and more radiant skin.


Indulging in sugar will breakdown healthy skin. It depletes the cells of minerals, which means less electrolytes to keep your pH balanced, maintain healthy digestive system and support immune function. Minerals support the nervous system, the production of collagen, build the blood and oxygenate our bodies and added sugar contributes to lethargy, depression, headaches, constipation and bloating too. Yep, all of this is absolutely necessary for the results you want.  because healthy skin depends on healthy physiological functioning.


More often than not when we start consuming more home-cooked meals made with more fresh foods, our skin responds in the best way. It brightens up, hydrates and calms down in the elements but often this is the first new healthy habit to go because it takes more time to manage. When we go back to our old habits i.e. convenient, fast, processed and restaurant-prepared foods, our skin will go back to its old habits too. Eat clean if you want gorgeous skin.


Getting a good night’s sleep does a body good. While we sleep our body is busy processing, digesting and breaking up our food, thoughts, perceptions, and experiences from the day so if we are lacking in sleep or not having quality sleep, this process is subpar. Over time, this dysfunction leaves our body burdened with an accumulation of unprocessed waste which will turn toxic. Definitely not the path toward radiant and glowing skin.

Here’s to you getting your glow back. You got this. xo

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  1. This is so right on the button.
    Now I’m in my late fifties I cannot eat all the sweet stuff anymore. As you get older you start to pile it on as your metabolism slows and the body slows down too. When I turned fifty I immediately cut out a lot of sugary foods and focused on the healthy savoury ones instead. When I did this, my body couldn’t cope with eating the sweet stuff. Does this mean I don’t indulge, just occasionally only. My only treat these days is organic spelt licorice x 2 couple of times a week. Drinking water before and after meals works wonders for me. Summer is here now which I love, plenty of healthy salads and light meals. We are all different qnd require different needs, however what you put in, is what will eventually surface.

    1. thank you for the insight jennifer and what? organic spelt licorice. i hope it tastes better than it sounds:) sipping warm water with meals is a definite step in the right direction especially if you have a sensitive digestion. xo

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