Beauty In The Time Of Quarantine

The past year has turned our life and daily experience upside down. We’ve been blindsided and have had to adjust in real time to a new lifestyle, new habits and new beauty routines while saying goodbye (for now) to our previous ones. Manicures and pedicures, brow shaping, facials, hair cuts and color, exercise and massage treatments are non-existent and have forced us to be a little more self-reliant. Giving ourselves a manicure, trimming our ends and coloring our hair seems to be quite satisfying for many while we are finding ourselves asking “why on earth didn’t I do this before?”. For many, this quarantine period  is helping us look at ourselves in the mirror and with love and compassion, redefine what beauty means while creating routines to go with our newfound vision.

Before COVID there was a lot of pressure to present ourselves in a way that suited others and whether we kind of liked our grooming and beauty routines or not at all (hence a face covered in foundation, uncomfortable clothes for the office and the constant coloring of our hair), let’s be honest. We were often more focused on hiding our “flaws” than seeing them in a healthier light and trying new ways to remedy them because we “had no time”. And how wonderful it is that now we are feeling less burdened by everyone else’s standards and demands and have plenty of time to wean off the foundation, drink more water and teas and take more time caring for our body. For most people with distressing and even painful skin conditions, bald spots, thinning hair and weight issues, being out in public was often an experience that demanded a stressful daily routine focused on what was wrong with us and now we have the space and freedom to begin the journey of loving who we are and seeing ourselves as the beautiful women that we are without the negative judgment and criticism of others, real or imagined. And all of this peace of mind and relief is exactly what we needed to have the kind of everlasting results we wanted all along. Maybe you’re witnessing how great your skin has been looking the past few months and how your hair is starting to grow back too. Maybe the weight is dropping off because you’re not eating lunches and dinners out so often. And because the stress of your insecurities or self-judgments when being around others is gone, you’re probably doing less emotional binge eating too.

This freedom and weight lifted is something a lot of us have not experienced for a very long time. Being liberated from all the products, money spent, time getting ready and the unhappiness and self-criticism alone is the ultimate remedy for healing. Being able to think “why wear makeup when I can go au naturel instead?” and focus on creating a more hydrated, soft and healthy skin, is a blessing for a lot of us who in the past never imagined leaving the house without makeup but always wanted to. It seems the past eight months, while uncertain and super challenging, has offered many blessings too – it’s all perspective, right? Being more with ourselves and less with society has brought out an inner courage we didn’t know we had which has made it possible to face our fears and know that we are pretty darn okay after all. It’s not as bad as we thought it would be. And being more self-reliant and having the quiet space to listen to our intuition has empowered us and prepared us for the long haul because we have new superpowers now to not just make us look and feel healthier but that have transformed us into happier, more self-aware, self-loving and accepting human beings and with that kind of attitude we can accomplish anything. Hello Gorgeous!

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  1. Nice and well put!! Some of us are cycling in and out of the storm and still being tested to see if we are okay afterall but every moment of feeling ok gives me hope.

    1. thank you for sharing samantha. step by step and moment by moment we find little ways to make it through. we will leave this experience more resilient and self-reliant. that’s the biggest blessing. xo

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