How To Make Your Needs A Priority

We tend to make excuses for the fact that we spend no time tending to our needs. We rush through any time we do make for ourselves and then we spend that time not thinking of ourselves but the needs of everyone else. We feel guilty for the time we do take. We move fast, without a mindful touch when we wash our face, apply a crème or take a shower. We are slowly burning ourselves out and possibly even harboring resentments for those we love, as we see they get all the love and care while we “have to do everything”.

Women have been groomed since childhood to be quiet, not complain and that their needs matter last if at all. And because we naturally thrive when we nurture others, we feel okay when we take care of the world around us. We don’t feel anything is wrong until we feel something is wrong but by then, we don’t believe we have a right to be happy. The needs of our kids, husband or partner come first. This is how it is and that’s that.

Well I think it’s about time for a change, don’t you?

So, how do you start taking care of yourself when you never have before? How do you let go of anxiety knowing that your family is without you and you without them?

Well, it’s only 30-minutes right? And it’s all about perspective, don’t you think? Do you perceive your daily act of self-care as necessary or a waste of time?

Being able to make yourself happy is the best gift your family could ever receive from you. Being resentful, hurt, angry and holding all that in does no one any good. I know you get that and so maybe this is just the post you needed today to remind you of it.

Communicate with your partner and kids. Ask them not to interrupt you when you take your 30-minutes and instead to figure things out on their own. They are capable of doing that, no?

And for all the single ladies who are neglecting themselves, now is the time to get your routine down so when you do meet that extra special hunny, you are already set in your rhythm. If he’s the right guy, he’ll get it and leave you be. And he’ll be more than happy to take the kids so you can have some alone time.


    • Communicating what you need from those you love.
    • Taking a long hot bath.
    • Massaging warm oils into your skin.
    • Listening to peaceful music.
    • Reading a good book.
    • Getting back to your creative passions
    • Stretching on the mat.
    • Attending an event that you have been looking forward to.
    • Meeting a friend for happy hour mid-week.
    • Taking a long walk in nature.

The list goes on…

Self-care is a personal experience and so it’s up to you to tap into your desires and create some fun and simple ways to fulfill them. You got this and we got you! xo

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