My Top Five Tips For Living A Healthier Lifestyle
~and they don’t involve food~

Let’s be honest, you can eat all the quinoa in the world but if you’re eating it while stressed, anxious or unable to be present in your day-to-day experience, its benefits are going to be minimal, if at all. I suggest that while you are in the practice of eating cleaner and healthier foods or you are leaning toward this lifestyle, you keep in mind that for a more profound and sustained experience it is equally important to slow down in your life, including when you chew, and take the needed time to nourish your mind and spirit too. This calm and ease are what’s going to help you not only digest life as it comes at you but also all the beautiful fresh foods you are eating along the way.

MY TOP FIVE TIPS are simple and offer tangible results that allow you to trust the process, build some genuine confidence in your abilities and inspire your continued lifestyle of health and happiness. 

Tip #1 – No Cell Phones Bedside. Sleeping with phones by your bed means that your phone is the first thing you touch and look at when you wake up and probably, the last thing you touch before bed, And, of course once you touch it, like the sales strategy goes, you own it. You’re glancing at text messages, scrolling through emails or looking at the news all while your eyes are barely open and before you have given thanks or made a positive statement of intention for your brand new, wonderful day.

If it’s an alarm clock you need, buy an alarm clock and keep your phones charging in a separate room. Extra Credit:Unplug/Power Off the Wi-Fi at bedtime and when you leave the house for the day. We are infused in electromagnetic waves and even if it’s not scientifically proven that they are harmful there aren’t any substantial studies to prove that they are not. Pay more attention to what you are being exposed to daily and its cumulative effects and let that determine your response when asking yourself if something is safe or not.

Tip #2 – Take A Walk After Dinner. A five or ten-minute walk after eating is a wonderful way to aid in digestion and participate in a peaceful evening ritual that will release a lot of the stress from your day. Maybe it will be looking at the stars in the sky that you will come to love on your walks or the evening breeze and the shadows of the trees that lift your spirit after a long day. Whatever it is, it is contributing to your peace of mind and joy and that is everything!

Tip #3 – Listen To Your Thoughts. You will be surprised what you are thinking about and the negativity you are carrying with you every day. Once you are aware of your thoughts you can start shifting them in a healthier and more positive direction. Listening to your thoughts will also show you how few of them are conscious and how many of them are residue energy in your atmosphere, latching onto you because that is what energy so close to you does if you are not paying attention. Eckhart Tolle offers an effective way to prove this. All you have to do is ask yourself in that moment when your mind won’t quiet, “what is my next thought?”. Nine out of ten times your mind will shut off all that noise and leave you silent and aware that you have no conscious thought.

This is a great question to ask yourself when you cannot quiet your mind, so keep it in your mental toolbox if you have trouble sleeping or focusing because of erratic thoughts.

Tip #4 –Chill With The News. It’s one thing to know what is happening in the news on any given day but it’s another thing to be infused in stress and negativity in the the car, at the gym, in the car again, at work on the computer, on the news app on your phone and in the car again and before bed too. Add to this the emotional and mental demands of your own personal pressures, along with lots of coffee, sugar, eating in a rush, not eating at all… and what you get and have to live in because it’s your body, is an extremely taxed out nervous system and yep, a jacked up digestive system too.

Your continued obsession with the news will easily deprive your body of a healthy immune response, a good night’s sleep and a much-deserved love and nourishment. For your own sake, please be kinder to yourself. I believe you know that your constant exposure to the media is not helping you so I am here to champion that knowing into a more uplifted and positive experience for you.

Tip #5 – Look Up And Engage. Find opportunities where you can engage more with the people around you. Smile more even when there’s no one to smile at except yourself. Say thank you more while looking into the eyes of whom you are engaging. Engage more with your neighbors when you walk your dog instead of barely smiling or staring down at your phone. Say hello and maybe share a few lovely words with your seat-mate on the plane before putting on your headphones and If you have kids, use the opportunities given to you to talk and laugh with them instead of everyone staring at their phone. Be present with those around you and know that the joy you experience when doing this is exactly what your body, mind and soul need more than anything else.

Expect Great Things!


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  1. Thank you for this. I am new to your sight. I was wondering if any of your beautiful products are gluten free? Thank you. Patrice, Seattle

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