7 Simple Self-Care Tips For Achieving
A Happier & Healthier Body.

We get so caught up with our day-to-day that often we neglect our own health and well-being. While that may work in our 20’s and maybe even early 30’s, eventually this lack of TLC will catch up to us. Taking a preventative approach to our healthcare with simple practices that we can incorporate daily is the way to go.

Below are 7 of the easiest ways to care for the body. They are not only simple, but they are accessible too, meaning there is relatively no adjustment and anyone, no matter how inexperienced, can feel comfortable incorporating these tips in their lifestyle.

Success is always about progress not perfection so begin with just one new practice and do it consistently until it becomes habit. From there include a second until that becomes routine and then a third….Demanding too much of yourself immediately usually leads to a faster decline so go slow and have fun in the process.

Tip 1 – Drink 32 oz. of herbal tea or water before consuming anything else in the morning. Many of you wake up and go straight for the coffee but what your body craves after sleeping for 8+ hours is hydration. Doing this first thing boosts metabolism, hydrates your cells and allows for regular elimination. Also, a hydrated body makes for a gorgeous supple skin! Starting your day with teas/water allow you not to worry too much throughout the day if you didn’t have “enough” water. You can finish another 32-48 oz. from midday into the evening.

Tip 2 – Take computer breaks to prevent damaging your eyes. Every 30 minutes try take a break from the computer/phone and look into the distance, force blink, move eyes side to side and all around, and close your eyes and gently massage your eyelids and eyeballs.

Tip 3 – Stretch your body. Make time for slow thoughtful stretching, holding the stretch and breathing into it, if even 10 minutes a day. This is wonderful to do before bed and helps to promote a beautiful night of sound sleep.

Tip 4 – No cellphones bedside! Keep your cellphones out of your bedroom and definitely do this if you have trouble sleeping through the night.. Detach from the temptation to glance (and waste time) with more social media, the news and also from unnecessary exposure to EMF’s AKA electromagnetic fields. These are generated in the vicinity of power lines, mobile phones, mobile phone towers, broadcast towers and similar transmitters and we are constantly being bombarded (charged) whether we like it or not. Whether exposure can harm human health is a controversial issue so why not err on the side of caution?

Tip 5 – Eat dinner three hours before going to bed and make this the lightest meal of your day. Avoid animal protein and instead opt for soup, veggies, sweet potatoes, jasmine rice… Giving your body time to assimilate and digest your dinner before bed is crucial for prolonged digestive health and especially for those of you that already have trouble sleeping or have a sensitive digestion.

Tip 6 – Limit your processed foods (even organic packaged foods) and meats! Consume more fresh seasonal whole foods instead.  There are so many cooking tutorials to access online for just about any lifestyle or level of experience so Get Cooking. You will soon realize how delicious healthy can be and eating more home-cooked foods allows you to save lots of money too!

Tip 7 – Self Massage. Massage your neck, scalp, arms, forearms, shoulders, feet… Try a little sesame oil with a few drops of lavender , geranium or chamomile essential oil. for a glorious experience. You don’t have to be perfect at self-massage because just the act of touching your body in a therapeutic way such as this sends a comforting and healing message to your cells and other macro communities that you are being tended to and that in itself gives your body reason to not be on defense and relax.

There are so many other goodies you can do like a foot soak with epsom salts, going to bed at the same time every night (there are always exceptions when you can’t always do this but in general, it’s a great practice to have), 15 minute walk after dinner, watching or reading more comedies (laugh more) and definitely avoiding immersing yourself in the news… Feel free to try any one of these but remember, be consistent and have fun.


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