Meet Our New Beekeeper Friend, Alisha Taff!

I am so excited have access to Rock Front Ranch honey for all of Elique’s products. Beekeeper, Alisha Taff was introduced to me by Larry Kandarian of Kandarian Organic Farms. I was in search of a local and pristine honey that I could use in our products and knowing my high standards, Larry immediately referred me to Alisha.

With her husband and daughter, Alisha lives on 320 acres of land in Santa Maria, California and her honey comes from the pristine interior of the Las Padres National Forest, a geographically isolated area that provides unpolluted air and rainwater as well as a rich bio-diversity of native flowering plants from which the bees harvest nectar and pollen. There are no conventional agricultural crops grown in this area and this means her bees and the vegetation that the bees forage from are never exposed to commercial pesticides and fertilizers.

Rock Front Ranch has been 3rd party tested and is FREE of Glyphosate contamination. Her honey is raw and pure and makes for a delicious treat both on the skin and inside the body.  The honey is warmed just enough to flow – the same temperature as the hive – and it is screened, not filtered so the active pollens, enzymes and healthful compounds are always available to enhance your health. AMAZING!

Apart from our skin foods that will include Alisha’s honey, keep your eyes peeled for special sales of Alisha’s honey to use in your tea and other culinary recipes. Only the best for my clients. xo

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