Know When To Walk Away. True Faith And Empowerment Comes When You Do!

It has been a whirlwind month that began early December with a lot of frustration living in LA without a space to host my clients (and forget hosting editors or A-List clients). When I closed my salon in Venice after seven amazing years and two years in another space, I began seeing clients in my flat. This was something I would have never considered in the past but I had clients to host and at the time there was no alternative.

But after two years of this, commercial rents were not only skyrocketing but spaces too were ginormous! The days of quaint, charming boutique storefronts seemed long gone. Would I ever find anything?

Then, out of the blue during this frustration but also time of manifesting, the most magnificent space appeared out of nowhere. It was perfect. The size, about 600 square feet, with sun beaming in from the big bay windows and glass door. The floors were perfect, and the ceilings were high and the location was insane! And I loved the serendipity of it all…

Then I began interacting with the broker, landlord and his accountant and though the broker seemed not the sharpest pencil in the box it wasn’t until after I signed the lease when things went downhill. First, the landlord declared he wanted more money then what we agreed upon for the deposit and even though the lease was signed, how would I get it enforced unless I wanted to take them to court, which I did not so we negotiated again. But I had that gnawing feeling and it was evident too that these men had no respect for me or had even taken the time to familiarize themselves with my business. Instead the broker is describing me as a “nice girl” not as an accomplished businesswoman with a career in beauty spanning 26 years. They also told me the signed lease was not legally binding because my check had not yet been deposited. Ummmm, not true but I “needed” the space so I put aside my frustration… The final straw came on New Year’s day.

This was when I was supposed to pick up my keys. The landlord was out of town but of course could have made arrangements for me to have them that day so when he didn’t call me like he said he would on the 31st to discuss my getting them the next day, I called him on the 1st. He first begins to tell me that no one works until the third – not the point – and when I reminded him that the lease states that I will have my keys on the 1st he began screaming “Don’t bully me. I don’t need tenants. I don’t need you as a tenant and I have not yet deposited your check so you don’t need to have the space.”

I was shocked that this grown man was yelling at me like this but I also thought that maybe I could deal with this too, but after everything else, in my heart and gut, I knew I couldn’t. I slept on it though just to be sure and the next day the same answer came to me LOUD AND CLEAR and so I walked away. If he didn’t need me as a tenant and if the lease was not legally binding in their mind, this was the time to get out.

Why am I telling you all of this?

Because when I walked away from this AMAZING space and gave up something that was so ideal I felt so strong and empowered. I did not NEED anything, especially if it involved people with no honor or code of ethics.

I also knew that by honoring my worth, which starts with knowing my value, and trusting Divine implicitly, that I would be blessed beyond measure. My ideal space would come and it would be more amazing than this. I believe this and so it is true.

My faith was tested in this process – put your faith in these humans or put your faith in Yourself and GD. Clearly it’s all about me with Divine. We are in this together, here and eternally.

What I thought about too after all of this is how appreciative I am that I value myself and how important it is for us to invest in our growth so we can value ourselves more. How can we step up for ourselves if our worth is defined first by others?

And about my faith, I realized after this how unwavering and unconditional it is and how strong it has become, especially these last four years and for you, if you struggle with faith maybe because of your feelings about religion, faith, in my opinion can be free of restrictions and more about connecting with a Divine mystic. Nature, the ocean, the sky, the stars, the breeze… they all represent an eternal Divine essence that, if we tap into it, can support us in ways we never imagined possible.

I feel blessed beyond measure and am truly unbreakable. Please trust yourself more and invest more in your growth in 2019 so you can step up for yourself more and begin realizing more of your dreams while experiencing joy no matter the challenges. You can lead your own way and and when you do, all the jokers and posers will poof, fade away.

Here’s to a BADASS 2019!


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