What You Are Getting Wrong About Your Inflamed Skin.

When I meet clients with inflamed skin, whether rosacea, acne, pimples or eczema they are looking for a reason and a solution and more often than not, they see product as both the culprit and the answer. I have to tell you now that seeing your skin’s health through this very narrow lens will never allow you the long-term results you are looking for and while product can definitely inflame an already sensitive and reactive surface of the skin, it is most definitely not the root of the problem. I mean, why is your skin so reactive to begin with?

If your skin is showing signs of chronic inflammation it is time to start looking internally and at your lifestyle habits. Doing things like logging your food is a great beginning. Eliminating refined sugars and processed foods, alcohol, caffeine, drinking more mineral rich water and taking in more fresh home-cooked foods while boosting your immunity and replenishing healthy bacteria in your gut is a step toward relief as is laying off harsh products while you continue to further investigate where the imbalance is.

When I host a skin nutrition consultation with my clients it can easily take one hour just to run through my client’s everyday… sleep habits, diet, nutrition, digestion, exercise, mental health and stress, injuries and so on… Only after this will I delve into product usage and regimen habits.

And when I hear that my client’s skin is great until they use a certain product and then all of a sudden it has an acute reaction, I have to say that while this may very well be true, especially if the product in question heavily relies on synthetic fragrances, dyes and industrial fillers, it is usually when we delve a bit deeper that we see that over time we have been stripping the skin of healthy bacteria and natural oils. We rely on extreme facial peels and treatments and we cover our face in foundation, concealer, blush and BB cream on a daily basis.

And then we realize that yes, our digestion is off, we are constipated, we don’t sleep well, we have headaches, we don’t drink fluids throughout the day, we have a two hour commute every day, we smoke cigarettes, we are in-flight every month for work, we are in a stressful marriage or have an unhappy home experience… Over time, all of this can lead to a breakdown of immunity that is now manifesting outwardly on your skin

While there is no cookie cutter answer for why someone is experiencing inflammation on the skin what is more important is to start paying closer attention to your body, your diet, habits and lifestyle and the answers will come from there. xo



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