On Becoming the Crème de la Crème.

I became obsessed with creams after a few core experiences that happened on my Elique journey… It started during my mentorship in product development with heavy hitters in cosmetic chemistry and manufacturing and then researching everything I would learn from them on my own. This was a time when no one was manufacturing organic, clean skin care and when you understand basic anatomy and physiology you understand that the skin needs nourishing skin foods to encourage a strong surface immunity and the best time to “feed the skin” was after cleansing when one is applying a cream or oil to the skin. This got me thinking…

Then, I was mentored in my twenties by a group of Venture Capitalists who stressed the importance of always setting myself apart from my competition. Being constantly creative and innovative and unafraid of change was a key to success and these were the days when some of my first thoughts of being a brand known for the finest creams came to be. Then with my esthetics career and seeing and feeling skin all day, every day and helping transform it with my moisturizers I knew it could actually be.

Then of course there is my natural love for France, French beauty and the simple regimen that French women practice and the importance they stress on never being without their beloved creams…

Loving luxury and beautiful feeling things, whether cashmere or a delicious cream also fueled my passion as a Chef de Beauté. So many creams, then and even still on the market now, feel sticky or smell heavily of perfume. They dry out the skin or because your skin is rejecting it, don’t absorb readily into it. I wanted to create something unbelievable in feel, texture and overall quality and effectiveness that would even exceed my own standards. For awhile I did…

And then I stepped away from beauty. I was still practicing esthetics but the business of beauty did not inspire me so while I was able to make insanely gorgeous creams for my clients, once I found my way back to Elique and the brand really took off, thanks to some key collaborations and referrals, I was a bit unprepared when all of a sudden my formulas and techniques are not working to scale and in the midst of my everyday busy’ness I’m now having to refine my process and in that, the creams suffered. Not in quality of ingredients of course (THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN) but in consistency. These were definitely NOT the Finest Creams In the World, which is exactly what I want Elique to be known for.

Thank goodness my clients love my products and many of them used the separated wet ones anyway because the ingredients are so insanely beautifying, but what about my new clients? They have never experienced Elique and are now, after a few days of their product getting tossed around in the post office, receiving separated and wet creams. Not a good first impression.

I was mortified. Also, my own pet peeve as a consumer is inconsistency and now here I was with an inconsistent product and to make matters worse, I was having to find solutions in the midst of the demand while personally calling and emailing every single one of my clients (do yo know how many days that took?) to check in and if they were unhappy, to send new creams. But you know what? I have to say that all along the way, there was a pep in my step with my constant knowing and eye on the prize. I know what I want for Elique so it was important to not look back. Also, my brand is growing and my clients were so appreciative of my level of service and there were may more of them happy with their creams than not. I still made sure to keep the conversation flowing so clients could feel comfortable reaching out at any time and being someone WHO LOVES FEEDBACK, I do my best to encourage my clients to share constructive criticism.

However, I always knew that this “disaster” was the beginning of something great to come.

Being a brand that is committed to not using synthetic emulsifying waxes and powders, I came up with a few new ways of ding things in the Beauty Kitchen and by end year or early 2019 I will be investing in the most amazing cosmetic cream mixer on the market. This machine whips up hundreds of frothy decadent creams in minutes without the need of any synthetic emulsifier. The end product is like Elique at her best days (see that pic) multiplied by a gazillion.

And until the mixer…

I have come up with a few new techniques in the Beauty Kitchen: Making smaller batches at a time and finishing them by hand to ensure the perfect consistency. Being a chef, this is super fun for me because I am able to tap into my intuitive know-how and learned techniques and control the finished product, while also getting them completely emulsified to withstand the constant movement and impact that comes with shipping.

I wanted to write this blog mostly for those of you that have received inconsistent product or a product that did not meet your standards, I want to apologize and I am here still to make it right because I want you to know Elique in its best form. Your radiant skin depends on it.

Also, I wrote this because I truly believe my journey, mental agility, openness and flexibility will inspire you, no matter the industry you are in, to forge forward with your eyes on your goals and a willingness to accept mistakes, even the ones that you kick yourself over and over again for. However, never accept defeat. Mistakes, those hard lessons that really hurt, well guess what? They too shall pass and if you care for your customers and go the extra mile everything will always be okay.

I will not defeated. I’m on a mission to create the finest creams in the world and so, onward and upward I go.



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