Still Drinking Plastic Bottled Water?
We Need To Talk!

I am so appreciative of the fact that I grew up in a home where health was a core value. My mom and dad have been notorious in the past for sending me newspaper clippings (now they’re virtual) about the future of food and wellness so it was no surprise that my dad emailed me the other day with an article about a new study’s findings about plastic bottled water being contaminated with micro particles of plastic. Though I do not drink plastic bottled water – unless I am at the airport and have no other option – I do use gallon jugs to buy my filtered water at the alkaline water store and now it’s the caps that are a major cause for concern.  

The facts are legit. Out of 250 bottles of water from around the world – including the United States of course – 93% of the water studied, from brands you buy every day like Aqua, Aquafina, Dasani, Evian, Nestle Pure Life and San Pellegrino, contained plastic particles.

And apart from the fact that plastic is made from Petroleum AKA Crude Oil AKA Carcinogens Galore, the study also found nylon, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and polypropylene in the water, all of which are used to make bottle caps. 65% of the particles found were fragments that came from the caps.

AND “particle concentration ranged from zero to more than 10,000 likely plastic particles in a single bottle”. This is what we are infusing our bodies with on a day-to-day basis and we are also buying this water by the case and bringing it into our home for our kids to drink.

Think it’s time we gave up bottled water?

And though experts cautioned that the extent of the risk to human health posed by such contamination remains unclear – though they do make connections to increases in certain kinds of cancer to lower sperm count to increases in conditions like ADHD and autism – do we really need studies to tell us that drinking plastic particles on a daily basis is extremely toxic to our system? Aren’t we intelligent enough beings to know that we should possibly err on the side of caution and steer clear of bottled water altogether?

And though the bottled water industry is fighting back saying there is no sound science to back up these claims, the study is legit and used a technique developed by the University of East Anglia’s School of Chemistry that allows microplastic particles to come into sight by staining them with a fluorescent dye, which makes the plastic particles fluorescent when irradiated with blue light.

“We have been involved with independently reviewing the findings and methodology to ensure the study is robust and credible,” said lead researcher Andrew Mayes, from UEA’s School of Chemistry.

But again, we know better because our intuition tells us that all of these chemicals that stem from big business are seeping into our bodies. From the food we eat, the water we drink, the products we put on our skin and even the clothing we wear and the beds we sleep on, this unsustainable mass production is doing harm to our health.

We are a lot smarter than we give ourselves credit for and I hope this post serves as a reminder to that and the fact that we do have options. They may cost a bit more upfront but we buy thousand dollar smartphones so let’s lose the “I can’t afford that” argument, shall we.


I thought it would be a good idea for us to begin our plastic-less water journey by reading up on the best water filters and making a plan from there to invest in one. I would even say to drink tap before bottled water, especially if you live in the mountains. I’ll never forget the delicious Tahoe and Aspen tap.

As a human race, we have free will and know, because the information is always available to us, that we can no longer consume as usual without significant consequences to our bodies and our planet. We are already leaving our children a hell of a mess to clean up so we can at least make sure they are physically and mentally strong enough to meet the challenges that await them.

NOTE: They eat and drink what you bring home.

And though it may be frustrating that so much is happening outside of us that is directly affecting our health and well-being, we still have 100% control over what we put in and on our bodies and how we spend our money. The latter being a direct nod of support for that business you are buying into so let’s be more mindful. Now is  not the time to look back and let our guilt and shame demobilize us. Instead, make it about “HELLO, today is a brand new day and I’m on a mission for change!”





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