Dull & Lackluster Skin? Take Note…

Being an esthetician, I have seen a lot of beautiful faces but sadly, those beauties are often afflicted with a dry, lackluster and lifeless tone. The great news though is that usually what your body is experiencing now is not a life sentence. With some simple, easy to apply advice, I have inspired my clients to begin practicing a new regimen that has allowed many of them to go from dull skin to glowing, radiant skin in a matter of minutes. How can this be? Well, it’s simple really.

It’s all about consistency.

Experiencing radiant skin happens when you commit to a consistent evening personal care regimen. So whether or not you choose to cleanse in the morning, what is most important is that you remove the dirt of the day every single evening and if you wear face makeup (especially foundation), it is very important to cleanse twice; one quick surface cleanse and another second, more thorough cleanse.

But Before You Cleanse, You Prep…

Compressing is the most important step in your regimen for achieving gorgeous skin. It warms the skin, which stimulates circulation while also loosening up dirt and dead skin, which means you don’t have to use so much product, which oftentimes is the culprit for an inflamed, dry and sensitized surface. So before you cleanse with any product, please compress first with a hot washcloth and then finish with a complete wipe of the face. Repeat two times, making sure to get around the crevices of the nose, chin, jaw and ears.

Once you get your skin nice and warm, it’s ready for a cleanse so reach for your coconut or sesame oil or your favorite cleanser and take the time to wash your face, massaging any tight muscles along the way. Then after rinsing, if it is that time of the week to exfoliate, use honey.

Honey? Heck yes. It is loaded with gluconic acid, which helps break down all the “glue” that binds dead skin on the surface. With honey you get an insanely deep surface cleanse in the gentlest (and sweetest) way imaginable. Honey also retains moisture to the skin, firms it and brightens the tone. So yeah, definitely massage this nectar into your warm, plumped up face.  Rinse well with tepid water, follow with Pampered pH and then get to tapping under the eyes, slapping the face, lifting from the jaw up and gently pinching the cheeks. All of this stimulates circulation, which breathes life into the skin and the result is that now your skin can function as it is meant to; excreting waste, secreting healthy oils and absorbing all of your nourishing creams and serums. Hello Gorgeous!

So to sum it up, having beautiful radiant skin (and a healthy body in general) that is buzzing with energy means having healthy circulation and to achieve that, compress, exfoliate, tap, slap and pinch… Oooh la la.

Take a look at my latest Beauty & Brains video showing you how to do everything we just talked about! I got you. 








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  1. Wowza Elisha ~ I just watched the video. Awesome stuff! I’ve never ever ever used honey on my face…or anywhere except to eat. Thanks for the eye opening information. I’m going to absolutely give it a try. I do exfoliate, regularly, using a natural brand (ever heard of Kaelen Harwell?), but going to try honey. Thanks so much! OH, question ~ does it matter what type of honey? Organic. But, there’s so many different “flavors”. 🙂

    1. Hi Julie, so happy you found value in the blog. Look at the blog post right before this one – about local honey vs. treatment free honey. this will answer your questions re sourcing:) xo

  2. Thank you so much Elisha . After my facial masage with you I continue with the one week honey exfoliation and I can’t believe what ha s happened with my face. In addition of all the benefits that you mention I get rid of inflammations that has been around my nose for years that no one has been able to tackle. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge in such generous way. And.. I love your video. Some questions: a) at the evening cleansing could we use either coconut oil or semame oil? B) The honey exfoliation it’s just once a week? C) May I use if I don’t have cream olive oil as a most moisturizer ? Thanks again and much love . Claudia

    1. Hi Claudia! So happy to hear all of this wonderful news re your skin. Wooohooo! To answer your Qs – yes to coconut/sesame oil in evening. If you wear foundation make sure to compress/wipe at least three times before oil cleanse. As for exfoliating I recommend twice per week. As for moisturizer, not understanding the question – may you use if you dont have a cream moisturizer ? feel free to email me to clarify Also, I would definitely try a creme vert or smooth rose kernel for a moisturizer for your skin. they’re life changing:) Hope to see you in NY in May most likely. You’ll get email with NY dates. xo

  3. I had my first facial with Elisha last week and it was like nothing I have ever experienced. Elisha is not your ordinary esthetician…no steam or harsh chemicals here…just the most relaxing, hour-long facial massage with homemade, well crafted, delicious food-grade products. I left Elisha in such a state of deep relaxation (I didn’t want it to end!) and with glowing, radiant skin that has continued all week. I am an acupuncturist and herbalist, so Elisha’s point of view is very much in alignment with my own….good nutrition, non-toxic and nourishing skin care products and gentle massage that encourages the skin to regenerate and look its best. I can’t wait for my next facial and to try her hydrosols and creams. Thank you Elisha! Carrie Tanenbaum L.Ac.

  4. Elisha since finding you from watching Kristen Arnett I can’t tell you how much I love my skin now. I have tried all the Estée Lauder and Lancôme creams and they never would improve my dry dull face. I have been using your creams and hydrosols my daughter in law said to me one day your skin looks so good and soft what are you doing!!! She got an earful lol from using honey to everything else I have learned so much from you!! Thank you!!!! Just put in a pre order my new added product to try is Smooth did research on the ingredients and it is a winner can’t wait for July to come. Thank you again !!!! You are a women full of knowledge!!!
    Cindy C.

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