Our nourishing skin care products are made to order in our Los Angeles Beauty Kitchen. They are available on a preorder basis. Elique is known for creating skin care that nourishes the skin, replenishes the barrier and supports the health of even the most sensitive skin. Our products feed the skin quality nutrition which allows it to radiate a supple and dewy tone. We keep it simple yet intentional. The results speak for themselves. Order now for July 2024 shipping. Want your products sooner? We sometimes have extras after an event or subscription batch so email us and ask. XO

Our nourishing skin care products are available on a preorder basis . They are sought after because we consistently offer a product that creates a supple, hydrated and ageless skin. Order your gorgeous creams, barrier replenishing oils, facial honeys and beautifying waters now for July 2024 shipping. Want your products sooner? Feel free to email us. We sometimes have extras after an event or subscription batch and are happy for you to have them. XO

Beloved Skin Care Essentials

Crème de la Crème

Our formulas cradle and nourish even the most sensitive and eczema prone skin and with one application, create long-lasting protection and a dewy and supple skin. Hello Gorgeous!

Facial Oils

Our oils are easy to use and your skin loves every drop! They restore the skin’s barrier using beautiful skin foods rich in the essential fatty acids, antioxidants and lipids your skin craves. 

Beautifying Waters

Hydrosols are a must have if you want to level up but simplify your skin care routine. Use to cleanse, hydrate, enliven and soothe. Once you experience their magic, you will never go without them.

Our Essential Beauteas

Clear Skin & Immunitea

Organic herb medley to support your skin via a healthy immune system, cellular hydration, digestive health and hormonal balance.

Spring Sipping Tea

Organic Ayurvedic blend with clove, licorice, coriander, licorice, cinnamon and elderberry to support Kapha dosha during a vulnerable spring season. 

CCF Digestif

Classical Ayurvedic digestif made with cumin, coriander, fennel, turmeric and ginger to support a feel good tummy, healthy elimination and a kindled digestive fire. 

Personalized Skin Care


On The Go gets right to the point, answering your skin care and lifestyle questions with advice and routines that are easy to include in your busy schedule.


Head-To-Toe delves deep in your skin care routine to find your triggers and will create a customized head-to-toe routine for the healthy and happy skin you desire.

From The Inside Out

From The Inside Out taps into the wisdom of Ayurveda, cognitive coaching, soothing routines and plant based nutrition to re-establish the body/mind/spirit connection.

 Calling yourself “fat”, “ugly” and “stupid’, even if you’re “only joking” is limiting and harmful to your spirit. Reinforcing this default thinking prematurely ages you from the inside out and leaves you fending for yourself emotionally and mentally. There’s nothing beautiful about that. Our 15-minute morning routine is for you if you know you are in need real self care and understand that now is the time to make some BIG moves in shifting your mindset and unapologetically letting your light shine bright as can be.

Embrace Your Inner Kapha

It’s spring, and Kapha is in full effect! Take our fun Embrace Your Inner Kapha quiz and discover how this dosha influences your body, mind, and spirit. Gain valuable insights to tweak your diet and lifestyle for optimal well-being this season. Are you ready?

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