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These products are the BEST!! Working in the fashion & beauty industry, I have had access to (literally) every high-end skin care in the game…none of which were very kind to my unusually sensitive skin. Smooth (the oil) was my gateway drug–soon followed by the hydrosols, crémes and Taut, THE ULTIMATE eye cream. The result? Those beauty execs now ask ME what skin care I’m using!
~ Kari M. Venice, CA

My skin is the clearest it has been in ages and I have Elisha to thank for that. I have been living with really bad breakouts for some time and had no idea how to remedy it. Elisha gave me some easy and effective tips and advice; drink strong antioxidant tea every morning, limit dairy intake, ditch harsh drugstore cleansers and after sticking to this regimen for several months I am so happy to say I am breakout free! She gave it to me straight and helped me tackle an issue that was a source of embarrassment and insecurity for me. Elisha knows what she is talking about, I am so grateful we crossed paths! Milena K ~ Venice Beach, CA.

Elisha is a wonderful Ayurveda Wellness Educator. The classes she teaches are exceptional. I had no knowledge of Ayurveda before taking her class but she breaks down to activities that I can incorporate every day. I recommend taking her class for anyone who would like to improve physical and mental wellness. Thank you!
Sayuri M. ~ St. Louis, MO

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I used to use Creme de la Mer but switched to Elique Organics Honey Berry and Creme Vert about 4 years ago. My skin is reverting back to my youth. The fresh smelling Creme Vert sinks deeply into my face leaving my skin elastic. My face looks ten years younger than it should at a fraction of the price and with all organic ingredients. That’s the best part. Thank you Elisha!
~Erin E. Bainbridge Island, WA

Free Shipping on orders over $125 ~ All Orders Ship Within 7-10 Business Days.

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