• Just started using the honey berry moisture and my face feels quenched! My skin has never looked better, thank you for a fabulous product.

  • I just received my first order of Elique Organics products and, wow. I had no idea how parched my skin was. It has been aching for nourishment. Your products feel amazing and I feel so good using these natural products. Thank you!

  • Having had cancer I feel such a sense of calm and peace knowing I'm using such clean products. I already love how my skin feels in the first week. I go as far a applying Creme to my irradiated area and have noticed more supple skin. The Creme feels velvety and a little bit of Taut goes a long way.

  • I used to use Creme de la Mer but switched to Elique Organics Honey Berry and Creme Vert about 4 years ago. My skin is reverting back to my youth. The fresh smelling Creme Vert sinks deeply into my face leaving my skin elastic. My face looks ten years younger than it should at a fraction of the price and with all organic ingredients. That's the best part. Thank you Elisha!

  • When I opened the box you sent today I had such a sweet experience . . . digging into the crinkly tissue, unwrapping the layers around each jar so lovingly swaddled, and taking in the fresh, delicious aromas of Taut and Honey Berry. Its like you added an extra gift of care, delicate pampering and tenderness into the box. Thank you. I could really feel how special your relationship is with your work & products and your customers.

  • These products are the BEST!! Working in the fashion & beauty industry, I have had access to (literally) every high-end skin care in the game...none of which were very kind to my unusually sensitive skin. Smooth (the oil) was my gateway drug--soon followed by the hydrosols, the crémes (perfect to add in the dryer winter months), and Taut, THE ULTIMATE eye cream. The result? Those beauty execs now ask ME what skin care I'm using!

  • I live in New Zealand (country of the clean and green) Even so, I looked at Elique Organics for my complete trust on what I put on my skin. There is no other.
    Elisha Reverby uses the most incredible ingredients that I have ever seen using nature /earthy ingredients in a magical way to create a gem of skin care products. The beautiful Rock Rose, Bulgarian Rose, Apricot Kernel, Blueberry Seed Oil, just to name a few. Just so GOOD for your BODY and SOUL. Honestly, the smells are just like on our hay making days, but while working hard I am glowing and feeling hydrated. I will be your loyal customer half-a-world-away.

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